A Notebook With Colour Fidelity

MSI presented their new notebook series, Prestige, promised to offer true-to-life image quality close to 100% sRGB with MSI True Color Technology, for image editing and multimedia.
Written by  |  April 30, 2015
While colour fidelity is mostly associated with desktops and some mobile workstations, the dream of those that have to move around is to have a notebook able to offer some kind of colour fidelity. MSI has presented four models claimed to offer...
Australian audio company RØDE Microphones is proud to announce the first product in the “RØDELink” digital wireless product range – The Filmmaker Kit – has commenced shipping to authorized RØDE dealers worldwide. A fully-digital wireless audio system, RØDELink utilises a next-generation 2.4GHz, 128-bit encrypted digital...
NYC-based production and post production studio Nice Shoes has launched a new remote partnership with Crawford Media Services in Atlanta. The installation of Nice Shoes’ proprietary Remote Viewing technology connects Atlanta-based clients with the company’s talented color and finishing artists in New York as well as in their new studios in...

13 Bags and Bundles for GoPro Cameras

After their series of rotation backpacks, MindShift Gear turn their attention to GoPro cameras and introduce 13 cases and bundles with modularity in mind.
Written by  |  April 27, 2015
The MindShift GP Series is not just suited for GoPro cameras, but for all action cameras similar to the popular brand. Unlike other action camera bags on the market, the designers at MindShift focused on organization and ease of access. The...

Kat Candler Joins Project Imagination

Kat Candler will write and direct next Hollywood short film inspired by a consumer story. The contest ends on the 29th April.
Written by  |  April 27, 2015
Kat Candler signed on to Josh Hutcherson's next film for Ron Howard and Canon's Project Imagination: The Trailer. Howard and actor Josh Hutcherson ("The Hunger Games") will choose one winning trailer to inspire a Hollywood short...

Hollywood Style Shots With Joby’s Action Jib

Capturing high and low shots easily with a small camera is possible using the new portable jib for GoPro, Ion, Contour and Sony Action Cam cameras.
Written by  |  April 24, 2015
The new Joby Action Jib Kit & Pole Pack and Action Jib Kit give action cam users the chance to capture different classic cinema shots - the crane, low and high angle, panning, tracking and other – with a single piece of equipment that is extremely lightweight...

Character Animation and Lip Sync for the Masses

Adobe Character Animation may be in its infancy, but the program shown at NAB 2015 reveals a potential that Adobe, surely, will explore in the future. Lip Sync is a one-man show now.
Written by  |  April 23, 2015
Announced a few months ago under the code name Project Animal and still with no official launch date, the program Adobe Character Animator is the newest addition to the Adobe Creative Cloud family of applications. Presented at NAB 2015...

Falcon Fly: A Drone with Light

With so many drones flying above our heads, do we need a new drone in the air? Probably, if it carries light, says one company, Falcon Eyes.
Written by  |  April 23, 2015
  The name of the company, Falcon Eyes, suggests that a quadcopter drone able to carry LED lights up above our heads is a logic step for a lighting manufacturer that has been in the photographic and video market for 18 years, always aiming to...

36 Filmmakers Show Mobile Films in San Diego

The International Mobil Film Festival shows in San Diego, April 25 and 26, the work from participants in this edition: 36 filmmakers from around the world!
Written by  |  April 21, 2015
On its fourth year, the International Mobil Film Festival, organized by S. Botello Productions, aims to be the place for cinematographers of all ages to share their ideas, through films created with mobile phones. According to the...
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