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3rd Annual DAMMY Awards Announces Call for Entries

Popular Awards Call Out Industry Excellence in Burgeoning Asset Management Industry

By PVC News Staff | April 10, 2012


Createasphere has announced the opening of the Call For Entries for the Third Annual DAMMY Awards. The DAMMY Awards are the first honors specifically conceived to recognize excellence in innovative digital asset management technology. In the two years since their launch, the DAMMY Awards have become the standard for excellence in the industry, sought after by a wide variety of companies and individuals at work in asset management. The written submission period is April 2, 2012 - August 2, 2012. The DAMMY Awards will take place on September 28, 2012 at the New Yorker Hotel in New York at a gala luncheon ceremony.

The DAMMY Award winners are chosen by a blue-ribbon panel of judges who review the written entries. The submissions process is a rare, non-marketing opportunity for entrants to articulate their process, work, and excellence in a concise document for the Judge's panel. After the submission period ends, and judging has been completed, an abstract of entries will be published prior to the Awards gala in September.

Mary Yurkovic, Manager of the Createasphere Digital Asset Management Conferences comments, "We are proud of the growth of The DAMMY Awards. From the very first year, they have been embraced by the industry and have attracted an incredible caliber of entries from a wide variety of companies, organizations and institutions. We've been able to recognize excellence and draw attention to the amazing innovation and thoughtful evolution in the industry and that is meaningful as the discipline moves forward. We are all looking forward to reading the submissions this year, and sharing a bounty of insights with the Createasphere audience."

Categories include:

Best Storage, Archive, and/or Preservation Solution
Recognizing the most innovative solution for storage, archive, and/or preservation, which could include software, hardware, a specific project, or services. The winner's solution will demonstrate the most user-friendly option(s), revolutionary design, and maximum return on investment. This must be presented in the form of a case study and include the components of the challenge/problem, solution, examples and results.

Best Strategy or Solution for Digital & Media Asset Management during the Acquisition of Content
Recognizing streamlined and innovative workflow at the content acquisition or creation stage. The winner's solution must demonstrate core understanding of digital and media asset management through development of strategic processes and implementation of software or hardware. Submissions can include content providers, software, hardware, or consultants. This must be presented in the form of a case study and include the components of the challenge/problem, solution, examples and results.

Best Example of Asset & Media Repurposing
Recognizing a company, organization or technology that has demonstrated profitability with multi-use of assets & media to increase or create an additional revenue stream or product. This must be presented in the form of a case study and include the components of the challenge/problem, solution, examples and results.

Best Strategy Ease of Use for End-User Interface
Recognizing a company, organization or technology that has created ease of use for end users in a DAM System interface reflecting an intuitive user experience. This must be presented in the form of a case study and include the components of the challenge/problem, solution, examples and results.

DAMMY of the Year
Recognizes an outstanding individual that has positively impacted the success & growth of the digital asset industry and community. A well-known and respected individual that exemplifies forward thinking, leadership, and innovation, and has made global contributions to the standards and best practices for management of digital and media assets.

The entry fee for each category is just $55 US and there is no charge for the DAMMY of the Year submission. Past winners across the categories have included ADAM Software; Hallmark Cards; UPS: 5th Kind; Showtime Networks; Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. DAMMY of the year winners, which calls out industry contributions, have included Jason Bright of Media Beacon and Thomas Schleu of Canto Software.

For more information about the DAMMY's, and complete submission guidelines please visit or call Createasphere at 818.842.6611.

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