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Everything On-set Professionals Need to Know About Color Correction

By PVC News Staff | March 04, 2013

Juan Carlos Ortiz, colorist, DIT and local 600 member whose latest work includes MTV's hit show "Teen Wolf" shared his insight and knowledge during this special presentation. He was joined by Michael Forrest who has an extensive background in high-end post production with 4 Emmy awards for Broadcast Design and Creative Editorial. 

The two showcased...

  • the basics of color theory
  • the evolution of look creation and color grading on-set
  • the relationship between image color, look generation and lighting
  • the relationship between on-set and post-production color grading
  • how to use tools like SCRATCH Lab to achieve looks and color grades on-set

Afterwards they took questions from the audience and had a discussion that covered a number of different topics. The entire presentation is now available on-demand.

Watch The Entire Presentation

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