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The Red Scarlet: A First Look

What's Red got up its sleeve with the new Scarlet camera?

By Richard Harrington | April 22, 2008

Author and video podcaster Richard Harrington examines the new Red Scarlet camera ( at the 2008 NAB in Las Vegas.

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Ethan Cooper: | April, 24, 2008

You might want to re-check your info.  You’re attributing some Epic specs to Scarlet.  Might wanna fix that.

Ethan Cooper: | May, 01, 2008

This is killing me, someone please fix the inaccuracies in this video.

Scarlet does not have a full frame s35mm mysterium x sensor.

Scarlet does not have a 6 pound fully machined aluminum body with hybrid stainless PL mount.

Scarlet does not have an upgradable sensor, body, boards, and mount.

Is this not bothering anyone else?  Do I just need to take a break from the internet for a while and calm down, or does someone need to fix this?

Richard Harrington: | May, 07, 2008

It has been fixed… was fixed a long time ago…  issue is that video hasn’t propoagated through all the caches.

Ethan Cooper: | May, 07, 2008

Great, now I can go be anal about something else.

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