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Texas Sound Guy Reviews Mount For The Sanken COS-11

By Christian Dolan | April 05, 2011

Tyler Faison, AKA the Texas Sound Guy, has been playing around with a prototype lav mount from LMC.


Basically, it's a very thick, hard, plastic cylindric tube that is fitted perfectly for the COS-11. There currently is no other mount on this prototype, like a vampire clip, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. When I first got the plastic cylinder, it reminded me of a "Hush Lav". The biggest problem I've had with hush lavs is the fact that you can't just tape them to talent and expect it to hold it's original traits once removed (for me anyways). They're pretty much disposable when you use any kind of adhesive on them. I guess that's just the sacrifice that has to be made for the extra grip. This little hard plastic piece seemed like it would remedy that issue.

The biggest problem that I have with Hush Lavs is just that: they're big. In the age of fitted shirts and the like, a low profile is paramount. If the mount is smaller than a Hush Lav and provides a similar amount of acoustic isolation, count me in.

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