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Pix-E Dust

Sound Devices announces the Pix line of hard drive based sound and picture recorders.

By Christian Dolan | May 02, 2011

The Pix line is Sound Devices' entry into the direct-to-edit hard drive market, intended to close the gap betwixt set and post even further.

I won't get into the image-recording capabilities (as that is for other, nerdier sites), but the audio considerations are, well, considerable:

Premium microphone preamps, on balanced XLR, mic/line selectable with 48V phantom, limiters, high-pass

-128 dBu input noise, 115 dB dynamic range A/D

AES3 digital inputs 2 x 2 channels (PIX 240)

Two-channel, line level balanced output on 5-pin XLR

Embedded audio on HDMI, 2 channels

Embedded audio on HD-SDI, 8 channels (PIX 240)

On top of that tech sundae is the cherry of timcode sync, as the Pix carries the guts of an Ambient Lockit built-in. The Lockit provides a master timecode/word clock, genlock (for multi-cam shoots), and can be slaved to TC on the HD-SDI input.

Further, the little booger has a headphone jack. This alone makes this box a frontrunner for any production considering shooting with HDSLRs, since it essentially provides and completes all of the professional accoutrements whose absence is commonly bemoaned. Hypothetically, I would consider operating single-system with the Pix, since it addresses my primary concern with doing audio for these cameras.

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