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Quicktips 2011 Day 03: Scrub the FCP thumbnail column thumb

February 3, 2011 - You can scrub the thumbnail displayed in the FCP thumbnail column

By Scott Simmons | February 03, 2011

There's a thumbnail column with the Final Cut Pro browser. Call that column up and you can then scrub the thumbnail right in the Browser column. Read More


So You Think You Have An Original Idea?

Think Again.

By Bruce A Johnson | February 03, 2011

Everything is a Remix from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

Everything is a Remix Part 2 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

Big thanks to Gary Bettan of for pointing out a really interesting take on modern creativity. It's at a site called . A guy named Kirby Ferguson just disassembles two of the most sacred cows of the last forty years - Led Zeppelin and Star Wars - in a funny, deadpan way that makes "This American Life" sound like "Family Guy." And they aren't the only victims here - be sure to hang on through the credits for even more fun! There are currently two episodes out (of a promised four). Even though there are embed links in this post, be sure to go to his site and click on the "Donate" button. This guy deserves a little dough! Read More


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Quicktips 2011 Day 02: Manifesto title tool can spell check

February 2, 2011 - The recent free FxFactory title update includes a title tool that can spell check

By Scott Simmons | February 02, 2011

One thing that's always seemed to be missing out of the built-in Final Cut Pro title tool, as well as the Boris Graffiti plug-in, is spell checking. I noticed the other day that the new Manifesto static title generator can spell check. This Quicktip was supposed to happen later in the week but after some Manifesto discussion on Twitter yesterday I moved it up. Read More


avid editing fcp final cut pro final cut studio media composer quicktips tips

Quicktips 2011 Day 01: Apply multiple FCP bin comments at once

February 1, 2011 - right + click to apply multiple comments to clips at once in FCP bin

By Scott Simmons | February 01, 2011

This is one of my favorite little gems when logging clips in Final Cut Pro. When using list view in the FCP Browser you can right + click (or control + click) on a single button mouse to apply different types of column criteria to multiple FCP clips at once. It's not just for Master Comment columns either but quite a few other user selectable columns as well. Read More


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Extra Extra, Free Light Leak Clips!

Read all about it!

By Matthew Jeppsen | January 31, 2011

Jesse Rosten is a studmuffin filmmaker, and he's giving away some light leaks that he created. These are excellent transitional elements, similar to the clips you'll find in Artbeats Film Clutter collections. You can also make your own light leaks by removing the lens from your camera and playing light across the sensor with a flashlight.But if you are lazy like most of us editors, snag these pre-made clips while you can. And if you aren't sure how you'd use them, watch the "Growing is Forever" video embedded below for a taste of Jesse's light leak goodness. Read More


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After Effects Apprentice: The Video(s)

Visual learning based on our popular entry-level book.

By Chris and Trish Meyer | January 28, 2011

Many After Effects users know us for our books Creating Motion Graphics (CMG) and After Effects Apprentice (AEA). CMG is intended as a deep reference for After Effects, while AEA is structured as a series of lessons to help a beginner or part-time user get up to speed more quickly with the key features of the program in a real-world environment. We're very excited to be taking the lessons in After Effects Apprentice and recording them as a video training series for Videos allow us to better explain what we're thinking when we choose a particular tool, effect, or parameter value - it's like being able to look over our shoulder and listen in on our brain as we work, and better conveys both the technical and creative process we go through. Not being restricted to the page count of a printed book also allows us to expand more into related features and techniques, and actually work through the Idea Corner and Quizzler challenges sprinkled throughout the book. We feel this additional background will make these videos useful both for people learning on their own, and for instructors who use AEA in their class.{C} Read More


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How about application parity between the Tangent Wave and Euphonix MC Color

Support isn't too far off but it would be nice if both control surfaces supported everything we use.

By Scott Simmons | January 26, 2011

When it comes to affordable hardware for post-production, "affordable" is often a relative term. What may be affordable for one is not necessarily affordable for another. Sometimes there may be limited choices for a particular piece of hardware so the price point is the price point and there's not much the purchaser can do about it. Color grading control surfaces are no different. While some applications like Apple Color and RedCine - X support both the Tangent Wave and Euphonix MC Color others, like DaVinci Resolve and The Foundry's STORM, don't. This article is a call for developers to support both. Read More


What $300 Buys These Days

What $300 Buys These Days

One of those "I sure hope this is true" stories...

By Bruce A Johnson | January 21, 2011

OK, folks, have a look at "Lazy Teenage Superheroes," a funny, really watchable (and slightly NSFW for language) 13-minute riff on science fiction: Read More


Film-Office Tax Credits Scandal!

Wow, this would make a GREAT screenplay!

By Bruce A Johnson | January 21, 2011

Read More


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Google political move stifles web video distribution & complicates our workflow

Google has thrown a monkey wrench in present & future recommended practices

By Allan Tépper | January 16, 2011

In case you didn't hear yet, Google recently announced the elimination of support for H.264 in HTML5 video in its popular Chrome web browser within the next few months, in favor of WebM (VP8) and Theora video códecs. Despite Google's official justifications for the move in the name of openness, many analysts (including myself) see this as a political move against Apple, and even hypocritical since the Chrome browser has contained (and will continue to contain) an embedded Flash player. Our logical conclusion is that Google's next step will be to drop support for H.264 in its Android operating system too. This happens after H.264 already has achieved support from Adobe, Apple, and even Microsoft. Up until now, Google's Chrome browser has directly supported H.264 with HTML5's video tag. Before this shocking below the belt punch, many content producers were well along the way of offering HTML5 video with H.264, playable as raw or automatic fallback to the same file embedded in Flash if the browser didn't support it in HTML5, as I have covered in my seminars. However, as we see the writing on the wall, this will likely no longer be sufficient for the ever popular Android devices as they likely become updated to newer versions which would purposefully exclude H.264 playback, especially considering the poor Flash performance on most of the current Android devices that even support it at all. So within a short time, the preferred video códecs for Android devices will likely be WebM (VP8) or Theora, while for Apple iOS devices (AppleTV, iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch), it will remain to be H.264. Read More


A Look Back on 2010

Take a look back on what changed in 2010: cheaper (and great) technology, large sensors, 3D, the state of the business, distribution options and more.

By Terence Curren | January 13, 2011

In this episode of the Terence and Philip Show - with able assistance from Secret HQ's Greg Huson - take a look back on what changed in 2010 from our perspective.There's a lot in this show from Resolve to dissolve. Read More


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DaVinci Resolve for Mac review online

It took awhile but I finally finished the article for Studio Daily

By Scott Simmons | January 12, 2011

It took awhile (and a couple of Resolve articles here on PVC) but I finally finished my full DaVinci Resolve for Mac article that went online today over at Studio Daily. It's quite lengthy but as I was working out my ideas and thoughts on the application I began to realize just how deep an application Resolve for Mac really is. Read More


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Cut Notes offers more use for the iPad in the edit suite

It's a promising start to what could be a useful app

By Scott Simmons | January 11, 2011

There's a new iPad app that has just been released into the iTunes app store called Cut Notes (iTunes link). It comes from the folks at Digital Rebellion, makers of any number of handy tools that most all Final Cut Pro users are familiar with. Cut Notes is different in that it turns the iPad into a note taking device that can record comments about an edit and then send those comments over in any number of ways. Read More


Revisiting My Friend F13

Revisiting My Friend F13

That floating, mappable key always comes in handy.

By Scott Simmons | January 06, 2011

While working on a job this week I had tons of shots to log and organize. While doing this I realized how much I was pasting the same words over and over and over and over. No problem, I mapped my floating keyboard key F13 to paste. That meant I didn't have to keep hitting the two key combination of command + v over and over again. You wouldn't think it would make that much difference but it does. It reminded me of an old 2008 Editblog post: My Friend F13. Read More


Can We Stop Piracy? Should We?

With the US Government Accounting Office dismissing RIAA and MPAA "research" as being lacking in any factual basis, is unauthorized distribution hurting or helping the industry?

By Terence Curren | December 22, 2010

Philip and I were asked to talk about piracy. This is a favorite subject of Philip's and his passion shows through. Whether you agree or disagree, his arguments are strong. Check us out on Episode 16 of The Terence & Philip Show. Read More


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New Media Webinars offers fast, affordable training

As a presenter I've enjoyed doing them, as a student I've enjoyed learning from them

By Scott Simmons | December 22, 2010

When I finished my NAB 2009 Post Pit presentation I was approached by a gentlemen who operated a website called New Media Webinars. We discussed possibly doing a webinar similar to what my Post Pit presentation about cutting a Canon 5D multi-camera concert. After a lengthy discussion upon returning from NAB we decided on the topic of DSLR Filmmaking Post  Workflows. This was my first presentation for New Media Webinars would end up with four DSLR focused webinars (thus far) on production, post, color grading and audio techniques. Read More


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Pro Apps PDFs!

Oh, frabjous day: Apple offers PDF user manuals again!

By Adam Wilt | December 19, 2010

The PDF link downloads a copy of the docs to disk.

OK, so maybe I'm stupid (no comments, thanks very much) and these have always been available, or maybe they're new: Apple has PDF user manuals for Pro Apps available for download. Read More


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Christmas gift ideas for the editor

It may be you or someone you love but there's bound to be a good gift or two listed below.

By Scott Simmons | December 13, 2010

It's very close to the Christmas holiday but my guess is there's still a lot of shopping to be done. Editors need gifts too so I thought I'd put together this somewhat editor / edit suite specific list of a few items that might make an editor happy if they unwrapped them from under the tree. With that caveat you won't see any software or downloadable products, which makes this list a bit difficult since so much of what we do is on the computer. But in the age of email, send this link over to your loved one if they need some gift ideas. Read More


after effects composition hidden gems ram preview

Creating Motion Graphics Hidden Gems: Chapter 2 - Creating a Composition

A selection of "hidden gems" from Chapter 2 of Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects.

By Chris and Trish Meyer | December 11, 2010

As we mentioned last week, we're going to go through our book Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects 5th Edition ("CMG5" for short) and pulling out a few "hidden gems" from each chapter. These will include both essential tips for new users, as well as timesaving gems that experienced users may not be aware existed.The second chapter in CMG5 covers the layout of the Composition, Timeline and Layer panels, creating Solid layers, RAM Previewing, and shortcuts for navigating in time and space: Read More


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Pixel Farm brings AirGrade to your iPhone and your Mac

It uses your iPhone as a controller to grade photos on your Mac. Fun if not super useful.

By Scott Simmons | December 09, 2010

Press releases flew fast and furious a week or so ago as the Pixel Farm released AirGrade for your iPhone (iTunes link). AirGrade a color grading app for your iPhone that connects to a companion application on your Mac to allow you to use the iPhone as a control surface for grading still images on your Macintosh. I hadn't played with it until a discussion of AirGrade went around Twitter the other day so I decided to try it out. It's fun and it works well but as it says on the Pixel Farm's AirGrade website: "please remember it's primarily intended as a learning tool" which, at this point, it's probably not much of practical application except as an easy way to get graded photos from your Mac to your iPhone without the use of iTunes or any other application or service. Read More