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In third grade, Richard Wirth was already reading anything he could find about television while dreaming of becoming a professional in the world of television and film production. Stops on the life timeline at American Forces Television, the Motion Picture Association, several mid-western pr...

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after effects amplitude array david torno expression shorts frequency one direction wiggle

Expression Shorts - Wiggle Only One Direction

Wiggle a multi-dimensional property in only one direction.

By David Torno | February 12, 2012

The most popular After Effects expression that nearly EVERYONE uses or at the very least, has used once in their life, has a nack for confusing some users when they only want it to effect just one direction. This solution, has been around for a long time and I figured I'd add my explanation to the mix as well. Read More


2D Footage with a Stereo 3D Rig in After Effects CS5.5

Edit and Optimize 2D Stereo Pairs from a 3D Video Camera or Twin Cameras with a Modified Stereo 3D Rig in After Effects CS5.5

By Jeff Foster | February 10, 2012

Adobe included a 1-step option to create a 3D Stereo Camera Rig in After Effects CS5.5, to everyone's enthusiasm for a simpler workflow in 3D space. Great if you are working in 3D space in After Effects, but what about an easy option for 3D Stereo pairs captured by a 3D camera or twin cameras on a rig? In this tutorial I'll show you how to quickly modify the Stereo 3D Rig in After Effects to quickly mux your L&R video files and adjust the convergence for anaglyph, interlaced or stereo pairs output. Read More


aja createasphere ete

AJA Brings New Io XT to the Expo

Intensive Presentation to highlight Thunderbolt-enabled device.

By Laura Pursley | February 10, 2012

AJA Video Systems will highlight the recently announced Io XT portable, dual-port Thunderbolt-enabled video I/O device at Createasphere's Entertainment Technology Expo on March 1st. With two Thunderbolt ports to allow daisy-chaining, Io XT has desktop power in a portable size. Read More


createasphere entertainment technology expo ete girl with the dragon tattoo

Second Keynote Announced for Entertainment Technology Expo

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo DP joins immersive visionary for exciting lineup.

By Ellen Gildersleeve | February 10, 2012

Next month's Entertainment Technology Expo will feature two impressive keynote speakers, the latest to be announced being Jeff Cronenweth, ASC. Read More


after effects david torno decimal expressions hud numerical readout parseint string tofixed video

Expression Shorts - Numerical Readout

Create numerical readouts for use in HUD style graphics.

By David Torno | February 05, 2012

With this Expression, I will show you how to feed numerical property information into a Text layer. Great for HUD numerical readouts that show coordinates or just various position info. Read More


If You Make Your Living In Post, Don’t Miss The HPA Tech Retreat

If You Make Your Living In Post, Don’t Miss The HPA Tech Retreat

The best event for keeping up to speed in the post production world.

By Terence Curren | February 05, 2012

The Hollywood Post Alliance is a trade association that promotes the exchange of information between post production professionals. They host several events throughout the year that help us stay on top of our game. The biggie is the annual "Tech Retreat" February 14 - 17, 2012 in Indian Wells, California (near Palm Springs). Unlike NAB which is the grandaddy of all things film, television and radio, this event focuses on the issues and technology that we face in post. For an example of the rundown this year, check out their extensive program.This is a great event for finding out where we are at, and where we are heading in our industry. At past events many new technologies have been "previewed". Sony's F65 camera and OLED monitors are a good example of this. Since this event is attended by many of the luminaries of our industry, manufacturers also use it to fine tune their products based on feedback they receive here. (Check out Adam Wilt HPA Tech Retreat at last year's event) I will be attending this year and posting updates here to the "Editing Post" blog. If you can swing it, you should be there also.

Disclaimer: I’m attending the HPA Tech Retreat on a press pass, which saves me the registration fee. I’m paying for my own transport, meals, and hotel. No material connection exists between myself and the Hollywood Post Alliance; aside from the press pass, HPA has not influenced me with any compensation to encourage favorable coverage.

The HPA logo and motto were borrowed from the HPA website. The HPA is not responsible for my graphical additions.

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3d anaglyph camera cineform gopro hero hero2 software stereo stereography

Stereo 3D Video Production with GoPro

Using the GoPro HD Hero2 and the 3D Hero System with CineForm Software

By Jeff Foster | January 29, 2012

Whether you love it or hate it, 3D Stereography is here for awhile. And if you're totally into it like I am, you quickly realize that there are few turnkey workflows out there to capture and process 3D Stereo video that's easy to setup, shoot and edit Stereo pairs. Sure, there are a lot of high-end (expensive to rent) systems for two cameras to shoot, software to sync/mux the footage and rigs you can build to edit it, but GoPro has brought it together with a fun and easy-to-use system that anyone can use. Read More


after effects arrays david torno expression shorts hud parseint random words cycle

Expression Shorts - Random Words Cycle

Create a text layer that randomly cycles through words.

By David Torno | January 29, 2012

Learn how to make a text layer randomly cycle through an array of words that you assign it. Great for random HUD info, background filler, etc... Read More


3D Layers Overview with Photoshop CS4-CS5.5

Part Three: Video Editing & Animation with Photoshop CS4/CS5 Extended Series

By Jeff Foster | January 28, 2012

Not only can you manipulate video layers in 3D space in Photoshop CS4 and later, but you can create 3D objects from primitives and import 3D models. In this FREE 12-minute tutorial from my Video Training DVD Photoshop CS4/CS5 Video & Animation, I give you an overview of the 3D workspace and how you can create, manipulate and modify 3D layers and tools right inside of Photoshop. Read More


cinematography createasphere rodney taylor

A Video Interview with Rodney Taylor, ASC

Hear how he got started and how he works with aspiring cinematographers.

By Christine Purse | January 26, 2012

We sat down with Rodney Taylor, ASC at the Entertainment Technology Expo in Burbank (November 2011) and discussed what it takes to become an accomplished cinematographer. Read More


Basic Lighting Setups for Green Screen

from the "Green Screen Workshop: The Setup" series

By Jeff Foster | January 24, 2012

There's more to lighting your green screen than just sticking some green fabric up on a wall behind your talent and hoping for the best! Planning ahead and choosing the right setup for the shot you're hoping to get is a key factor in determining what kind of lighting setup you're going to require. Will it be in a studio? On-location? Indoors or outdoors? Full-length with walk-ons or just a talking head? Will your actors be making contact with the screen? These are all questions covered in this video lesson from my Green Screen Workshop series - this is a FREE video lesson, so enjoy! Read More


after effects auto fade layer david torno expression expression shorts fading framestotime inpoint linear outpoint

Expression Shorts - Auto Fade Layer

Automatically fade a layer up and down without keyframes.

By David Torno | January 23, 2012

(CODE UPDATED 3/25 See article for updates) Learn how to fade a layer up and down without using keyframes. The cool part is that you can change the in/out points of your layer and it'll adjust accordingly. Read More


audio dslr filmmaker lighting post-production production shooting video

Book Review: “The DSLR Filmmaker’s Handbook: Real-World Production Techniques”

By Barry Andersson and Janie L. Geyen

By Jeff Foster | January 22, 2012

There's little more popular these days than being a budding Indie filmmaker slinging a 5D MkII over your shoulder and firing off hours of footage that you can then spend months editing to make your masterpiece come alive! The biggest problem is that MOST folks entering this endeavor are totally clueless about the process or where to even start - thus making every mistake in the book in the process. The DSLR Filmmaker's Handbook: Real World Production Techniques (Sybex ISBN 978-0-470-87660-2) aims to help you get started with not only the basics of using the gear, but also the film-making production process in a visual overview - PLUS some very cool tips & tricks. Read More


after effects david torno light layer null layer null swapper particular plexus script trapcode

Null Swapper - Plexus/Particular Utility Script

Swap Null layers for Light layers.

By David Torno | January 22, 2012

Update 11/25/13: Added AECC compatibility Need a helping hand changing your 3D/2D Null layers into Light layers so you can use them for Plexus or Trapcode Particular? Well this short tutorial will show you how, plus you get a free script that does the actual work for you. HOORAH! Read More


adobe premiere pro editing final cut pro switching

Step into the Edit Suite with Christine Steele

Insights and Info Regarding Her Editing Experience and Upcoming Webcast

By Laura Pursley | January 19, 2012

Creative Director, Producer, and Editor Christine Steele will be leading the webcast "Confessions of a Switcher: Moving to Adobe Premiere Pro and using an HP Workstation" on January 26, 2012. Createasphere caught up with Christine to get a sneak peak of what she'll be bringing to the webcast. Read More


after effects david torno expression motion graphics read external document source text text

Expression Shorts - Read External Text Document

AE Text Layer source text from external document.

By David Torno | January 16, 2012

Welcome to the first episode of at least five at the moment in the Expression Shorts series. With this series I have put together some short tutorials on various After Effects Expression code that can be very handy. Read More


Free Best of TV Webcast: Boardwalk Empire

Exclusive deal for PVC Members

By PVC News Staff | January 13, 2012

See how the creative team from the award-winning Boardwalk Empire goes through the story, production, and editing process of HBO's period tale. Read More


apple avid cloud cloud editing editing editor final cut pro outsource outsourcing post production

Is There A Future For Editors

Will we be outsourced or automated out of existence?

By Terence Curren | January 13, 2012

In this latest episode of "The Terence and Philip Show" we discuss the outsourcing of editing jobs, remote (a.k.a cloud) editing and automation in production. What's happening now and how will it evolve in the near future. Philip also sneaks in a preview of an interesting show he'll be involved with in 2012.Click the link below and join the conversation.Since we recorded this show, another automatic editing application went live. Check out Magisto Read More


abba shapiro createasphere enteertainment technology expo ete

Learn Why The Entertainment Technology Expo Is Just the Right Fit

Abba Shapiro on Thunderbolt and other technologies at November's Expo.

By Laura Pursley | January 12, 2012

We caught up with Adobe & Apple Master Trainer Abba Shapiro after his "Making the Switch to Adobe Premiere Pro" Intensive presentation at the Entertainment Technology Expo in November 2011. Hear what he had to say on the value of the Expo. Read More


editing genarts production sapphire edge software

The Utility and Ease of Use for GenArts’ Sapphire Edge

By PVC News Staff | January 04, 2012

GenArts' Sapphire Edge is not a color grading plug-in in the traditional sense. If you're looking for endless numbers of sliders, dials and switches that adjust an image using terms like lift, curves or channel mixer, then Edge is not your tool. But if you are looking for a large set of high-quality looks that can be applied with ease and quickly customized with only a minimal learning curve, then Sapphire Edge is just such a tool. Read More