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Digieffects v2.5 - Damage & Delirium Explored

Taking a look into Digieffects latest creative plugin effects

By Jeff Foster | December 27, 2011

Digieffects has updated and optimized their plugin effects to be Adobe CS5/64-bit compatible and have added some great new tools to their suite of tools! Both Damage v2.5 and Delirium v2.5 are fully compatible with the latest versions of After Effects, Premiere Pro, FCP and Edius. Even better news, this is a free upgrade for registered v2.0 owners!

Damage v2.5

For many of us who have worked with film, analog & digital video over the years, the last thing we want to see is dust, scratches, noise, static, interference or corrupted digital artifacts in any of our footage. But IF by chance you really want to recreate those very elements in your production for an effect, the latest offerings from Digieffects will give you very convincing results!

Damage v2.5 includes these effects:

• Aged Film • Artifact • Blockade • Destabilize • Interference • Overexpose • Skew

CLICK HERE for a complete list and previews of the effects in Damage v2.5

One of the most useful effects that I've found in this suite is the new Aged Film effect. Unlike many others I've used, the Aged Film effect gives you ultimate layered control over dust particles and scratches with intensity and color settings, separate flicker and jitter controls, tinting, lens vignetting and more.

The levels of control and differentiation between the elements in the Aged Film effect give you professional results

I ran some tests in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 on a few clips I took on a recent trip to Yosemite this past summer and the results look as if John Muir could have taken these himself!

Frame from original DSLR video clip

Applying the Aged Film effect to recently-acquired footage from a DSLR

To see a video sample of this test footage, check out the link below, as it's best viewed in HD rather than the smaller embedding video at the top of this story.

I must admit, while fiddling around with each of these effects, they conjured up some creative and useful applications in my mind for future compositing and video projects. I can see using the Interference effect on a simulated outdoor digital signage board or LED projection screen - or the Destabilize effect in a music video or POV cam for someone seriously intoxicated and about to pass out! smile

Examples of the Interference and Destabilize effects applied

Whatever your desire to age, distort or virtually destroy your video for creative and realistic results, any combination of these effects will definitely do the trick!

And what's really cool, is that Digieffects has provided several Tutorials and downloadable After Effects projects for you to sample, review and work with to better understand what each effects can do and get the most out of your Damage v2.5 plugin suite.
CLICK HERE to access the tutorials, presets and project downloads from the Digeffects site.


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