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Siggraph 2012: The World’s Fastest Workstation

Check out Boxx Technologies' renderPRO product and their 4050 Workstation

By Jeremiah Karpowicz | August 21, 2012

Shoaib Mohammad talks to us about what Boxx Technologies had to show at Siggraph 2012. He gives us some key details and specifications for their new renderPRO product and also explains how and why the 4050 workstation is ideal for a business that has room to grow.

Siggraph 2012 - Boxx Technologies from Createasphere

The leading innovator of high performance workstation computers and rendering systems for VFX, animation, engineering, architectural visualization and more, BOXX combines record-setting performance, reliability, and unparalleled industry knowledge to create the best workstations in the world.

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