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Siggraph 2012: 5th Kind Manages Workflows in the Production Process

Take a look at how the complicated production process can be managed efficiently

By Jeremiah Karpowicz | August 10, 2012

At Siggraph 2012, 5th Kind showed off the technique and system it has developed to not only look at each layer of production but also to manage the workflow to create a rich archive that can be utilized whenever it is needed. Steve Cronan shows us how the system works and tells us how it can be integrated with a number of different companies and tools.

Siggraph 2012 - 5th Kind from Createasphere

5th Kind (formerly known as OTC Productions) has been an industry leader in Internet Technology for over 10 years, providing service for various projects in the film industry, state government and private business sector. Since working on the Matrix film franchise in the early 2000s, 5th Kind has been developing and refining web-based applications that centralize all assets and communication into one system. The 5th Kind Asset Management System allows your organization to reduce costs and increase speed and efficiency by providing maximum automation, security and re-use of all assets. The system provides a user-friendly platform to communicate, track and audit asset distribution and communication history.

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