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Intel Shows off Quick Sync at Siggraph 2012

Render in less time than it takes to grab a coffee

By Jeremiah Karpowicz | August 20, 2012

Intel's Surresh Rangarajulu talks to us about Quick Sync, which accelerates decoding and encoding for a significantly faster conversion time. This product also enables the processor to complete other tasks thereby improving overall PC performance.

Siggraph 2012 - Intel from Createasphere

Intel Quick Sync Video, built right into the 3rd generation Intel® Coreâ„¢ processor, uses dedicated media processing to make video creation and conversion faster and easier. With it you can create DVDs or Blu-ray* discs, create and edit 3D videos, convert 2D video files into 3D, and convert video for your portable media player and for upload to your favorite social networking sites-all in a flash.

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Jeremiah Karpowicz: | January, 10, 2013

Very cool!

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