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Siggraph 2012: Spheron Captures the World Down to the Pixel

Experience the kind of detail that can be captured and experienced with their 3D camera

By Jeremiah Karpowicz | August 23, 2012

Peter Taylor from Speron talks to us about their 3D camera which can create a 360 degree view of a room or area. It provides a user with the ability to see high dynamic range and instantly change the image by altering variables such as daylight or shadow.

Siggraph 2012 - Spheron from Createasphere.

Speron captures the world with all its details and elements as digital visuals and make them accessible to everyone. To achieve this objective, they have re-defined full spherical photography and the term High Dynamic Range imaging (HDRi). They strive to continuously set new benchmarks in this field. Their team is highly motivated, achieves maximum aesthetics and quality and defines customer enthusiasm as a valuable, entrepreneurial asset. They proceed hand in hand with their customers along new paths in visual information technology.

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