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The Foundry Shows off Mari 1.5 at Siggraph 2012

Learn about the brand new creative features and exciting developments that Mari has in store

By Jeremiah Karpowicz | August 13, 2012

Jack Greasley from The Foundry talks to us about the latest features of Mari 1.5, which is their high-end digital paint tool. He provides some details about Mari's development and also shares with us what projects it has already helped bring to life.

Siggraph 2012: The Foundry Shows off Mari 1.5 from Createasphere.

This release of MARI adds even more creative functionality into the mix. These features make it even easier for games developers to utilise MARIs capabilities as well as enhancing the experience of artists working in all sectors of high-end visual effects. As well as the addition of games shaders, improved Overlapping UV Support gives artists the freedom of a smooth and robust workflow allowing shared textures to be re-used across 3D models within the same UV space.

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