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Siggraph 2012: Canon’s Mixed Reality System

See and interact with the world in a whole new way

By Jeremiah Karpowicz | August 09, 2012

At Siggraph 2012, Canon prominently displayed its Mixed Reality system which showcases different ways to interact with the real and virtual world. Jeff Tepper, Canon's Product Marketing Manager, describes the experience users have when they examine a virtual car from the inside out. He goes on to show us what happens when users interact with virtual candles that act just like real ones, providing just a hint of what this technology can do.

Siggraph 2012 - Canon's Mixed Reality System from Createasphere.

About Canon MR System

MR, or mixed reality, is an image data processing technology that seamlessly integrates the real and virtual worlds in real time. By making use of the rich visual information of the real world and the flexibility offered by CG images, it offers an imaging experience that is a step ahead of existing VR (virtual reality) technology, which only makes use of CG environments.

Recently utilized in gaming, advertising and other applications, AR (augmented reality), one type of MR technology, superimposes CG images onto the real world. By contrast, Canon's MR System allows users to experience full-scale CG images from any point of view. Furthermore, by seamlessly combining CG images with real-world environments, the system creates the illusion that the CG visuals actually exist within the real world.

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