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What is the DPW Lab?

Watch and learn how the DPW Lab has been put together and take a quick tour of the lab itself

By Jeremiah Karpowicz | November 09, 2012

The Digital Process Workflow Lab is a real-time demonstration of an ideal workflow, offering solutions to the challenges of secure data handling and large data storage requirements along with accurate color and metadata challenges. Steve Cronan from 5th Kind tells us how his company is featured in the lab at station 6 as part of the asset and workflow management station. He shows off a few of the features at their station while we take a quick tour through the lab itself.

The goal of demonstrating this workflow is to inform and support successful and efficient workflow for content creation with special attention to the following areas:





Each step of the way is thoroughly demonstrated and described by expert solution providers like Cronan. Participants were able to walk through and develop a clear understanding of digital process workflow and the many benefits it offers.

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