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How Do We Thrive In The Multi-Screen Viewing Environment?

An ever increasing number of viewers watch TV while using their iPads and laptops, and also checking messages on their phones. What are the opportunities and threats in this new world?

By Terence Curren | September 06, 2011

In this show Philip & I tackle Transmedia, the successor to "multi-media". Transmedia is the extension of a program to more ways for the audience to interact with the program, story and characters.

There is no doubt that the multi screen viewing environment is here to stay. Is Transmedia the future of television or the replacement?

Click below and join Philip and I in episode 34 of The Terence & Philip show.

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leeberger: | September, 06, 2011

My wife (mid 50’s) likes to interact with her IPad while watching movies.  You don’t have to be a 20 something to fall into that habit.  The only time she can’t is when we’re using the Ipad to stream Netflix.

Terence Curren: | September, 06, 2011

Agreed. But that type of use by over 30s is the exception at this point. My parents can barely use the “Smart Remotes”. :-0

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Cupcakes maken: | March, 30, 2012

My mother bought her first computer when she became 60.  I thought that was a great step and a difficult one.  Now she handles the iPad with ease. If I ask her about it she replies : “piece of <a >cake</a>”.  Put aside your <a >handwork</a> and buy an iPad!

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