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The Centrica Carnivale part 2

Part two of the three-part series looking at advanced 3D animation using After Effects

By ChrisZwar | August 20, 2009


In Part 1 we looked at the initial client brief, the pitch animation, and ended up creating some flashing lights in After Effects.

In Part 2 we dive right into advanced 3D - beginning with an examination of the "magic star", then a comprehensive demonstration of the Knoll Light Factory, before concluding with a complete analysis of the "racing waiters" scene.

(click the 'full-screen' icon for best results)

The Centrica Carnivale - Part 1
The Centrica Carnivale - Part 2
The Centrica Carnivale - Part 3


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Mark Spencer: | August, 20, 2009

Again, outstanding - though all the workarounds to get KLF working correctly must have been painful

John Stanowski: | September, 17, 2009

Fantastic! I’ve never understood Collapse Transformations properly until seeing this. I’ve never seen it explained so well! Thanks! Hope you make many more!

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