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Online Video Delivery with Kyte

Producing Video Podcasts host Rich Harrington Interviews Kyte about their video hosting network and features

By Richard Harrington | June 04, 2009

Author and video podcaster Richard Harrington discusses online video distribution with Cody Smith from at NAB 2009.

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Mark Spencer: | June, 04, 2009

I can’t get it to play - just get a black screen or ads

Richard Harrington: | June, 04, 2009

When I click the top triangle it plays…  bottom it doesn’t/  ODD

I will try a different player

Richard Harrington: | June, 04, 2009

Changed to QuickTime embed.. lemme know

Jeff Foster: | June, 05, 2009

Cool - thanks for sharing this Rich!

Mark Spencer: | June, 05, 2009

Works now

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