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Cool Video Prodution Widgets for Your iPhone or Laptop *UPDATED*

Useful Freeware Mini-Applications

By Richard Harrington | June 07, 2008


Monday, June 02, 2008
I often find I have too much information to remember (and for some reason people expect me to be able to spout pixel aspect ratio numbers like a multiplication table). Fortunately the fine folks over at Digital Rebellion has solved this (and for free). They offer several video widgets that do important math, these run on a web browser or iPhone (and a couple can run offline as well).

Video Footage Calculator - Calculates how much storage you'll need for your footage type and duration.
Web - iPhone version - Offline version

Film Rate Calculator - Determines how much film you need for a particular scenario.
Web - iPhone version - Offline version

Aspect Ratio Calculator - Determines the aspect ratio for different footage formats.
Web - iPhone version

Depth of Field Calculator - Calculates depth of field for many camera sensors.
Web - iPhone version

Pixel Aspect Ratio Calculator - Determines relationship of Pixels for many digital formats.
Web - iPhone version

Lens Angle Calculator - Helps calculate the lens angle for a given sensor size and focal length.
Web - iPhone version

Power Load Calculator - Calculates the load on a circuit to see if it is excessive. You can also calculate the minimum circuit breaker size for the given load.
Web - iPhone version

These tools are cool, free, and useful.... three points that make them a must have for my iPhone.

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Joel Smith: | June, 02, 2008

Great stuff.  I’ve loved the Video Footage Calculator widget and it’s helped on big projects to know how much storage space to expect.

Richard Harrington: | June, 03, 2008

Yeah… several of these are on my phone and are great when in a pinch…

andrew77: | October, 08, 2008


The best part for me is the total load on the circuits. I have come across overload issues often.

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