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Photoshop Disasters

Laugh & Learn

By Richard Harrington | June 07, 2008


One of my favorite sites that I like to check out on a regular basis is Photoshop Disasters. The site is a freakshow gallery of Photoshop gone wrong. The site is driven by user submission and acts as both entertainment and education. There mission:

"Have you seen a truly awful piece of Photoshop work? Clumsy manipulation, senseless comping, lazy cloning and thoughtless retouching are our bread and butter. And yes, deep down, we love Photoshop."

Be sure to check the site out, it'll make you look at things a little differently.

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Chris Meyer: | June, 07, 2008

A great companion site for Photoshop Disasters would be the Gallerie Abominate, specializing in 3D:

try not to hurt yourself laughing -

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