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Rich Young (Twitter: @aerich ) is a long-time After Effects user from the San Francisco Bay Area. His After Effects and Premiere Pro round-ups provide viewers with an easy-to-digest summary of developments. He also supplies info and links for tutorials that allow users to do things in After Effects they never thought were possible....

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premiere pro roundup

Premiere Pro News Notes #10

By Rich Young | September 30, 2014

Here's another collection of news on tutorials, tips, and related tools assorted with Adobe Premiere Pro. Things have been a little slower, perhaps in anticipation of a Creative Cloud update, though paywall training courses saw several new releases.

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after effects broken glass shatter effect shattered

Shatter glass in After Effects

By Rich Young | September 30, 2014

The easiest way to simulate shattered or broken glass in After Effects is with Shatter, an older 8-bit per channel plug-in that ships with After Effects. Originally developed by Brian Maffitt under the Atomic Power banner, Shatter is mostly used for shattering glass, brick walls, puzzles, and so forth, but also used to generate 3D text or shape blocks. But there are other options available if Shatter doesn't work for your needs.

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after effects audition audition creative cloud premiere pro

Adobe Video tools: Fall CC 2014 preview [updated]

rounding up blogs and video

By Rich Young | September 08, 2014

At IBC 2014, Adobe is previewing the latest features coming to Creative Cloud pro video apps (blog). Features are a bit light this time, except for some important new ones in Premiere, but these are updates not new version releases, like the ones in June. Hopefully there are few kinks in any UI changes amid the high-DPI functionality upgrades. Read More


3d text after effects element 3d invigorator mettle ray trace

Comparing 3D type options for After Effects

Ray-traced 3D is walking dead

By Rich Young | September 04, 2014

While some may claim that the After Effects CS6-era Ray-traced 3D renderer is a minor feature that you can ignore, it's still a strong option for basic motion graphics with realistic reflections and refractions, and very fast if you have an Nvidia CUDA GPU. If you're not committed one way or another, you may want to check out an integrated in-depth resource from Eran Stern that compares major alternatives for creating 3D type.

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after effects beauty color cosmetic premiere pro retouch skin

Cosmetic fixes, blemish removal, and skin retouching in post-production

Digital beauty treatments

By Rich Young | August 31, 2014

Digital beauty treatments and cosmetic fixes in post-production often involve isolating skin with tracking and mattes for color correction and matching, skin smoothing, and blemish removal. Even skin matching across shots isn't always easy, but there's some help along the way in basic and advanced tutorials on the wide variety of tools available. Read More


premiere pro roundup

Premiere Pro News Notes #09

By Rich Young | August 30, 2014

Here's another collection of news on tutorials, tips, and related tools assorted with Adobe Premiere Pro.

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after effects fonts kerning text

Optical Kerning preference in After Effects

Edit the preference file for always on auto-kerning

By Rich Young | August 27, 2014

Optical kerning is a newer feature in Adobe apps. If you have a tendency to forget about kerning, be sure to enable Optical kerning, even it means occasionally overriding a font's built-in kern tables.

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after effects color correction compositing effects tracking

MaskTracker+: quick planar tracking inside After Effects

new from Mamoworld

By Rich Young | August 19, 2014

MaskTracker+, a new AE script from Mamoworld, expands the Rigid Mask Tracker in After Effects, opening up planar tracking capabilities that allow you to do much more than just moving masks.

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premiere pro

Premiere Pro News Notes #08

Catching up on the latest news

By Rich Young | July 31, 2014

A series of as-they-come notes on news of assorted Adobe Premiere Pro tutorials, tips, and related tools continues. And there's more to come. Read More


after effects creative cloud nunzilla plug-ins premiere pro

Using CycoreFX plug-ins in Premiere Pro and After Effects

By Rich Young | July 09, 2014

Over the last several years a few users have experimented with using CycoreFX ("CC") plug-ins built into After Effects inside of Premiere Pro. The current version that ships with AE, the only supported host app for the product, is CycoreFX HD (AE Bundle Only). CS6 saw an upgrade of dozens of the effects to 16-bpc and 32-bpc color depth.

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after effects alpha channel fire flares premultiplied smoke straight unmult

“Unmult” with and without special plug-ins

Unmult, Xmult, channel and matting effects

By Rich Young | June 27, 2014

Third-party unmult plug-ins for After Effects are used to create a composite with an alpha channel of a layer based on luminance or brightness. They're often used instead of composite modes like Screen that don't create an alpha channel. Alpha channels were discussed in a companion post recently, Alpha channels: premultiplied vs straight. Read More


after effects alpha channels premultiplied straight

Alpha channels: premultiplied vs straight

By Rich Young | June 20, 2014

Alpha channels are grayscale channels in addition to the color channels of a file. They define transparency and often delineate objects or selections as a matte or stencil. Alpha channels can come pre-matted ("shaped") or as straight, with transparency anti-aliased only when composited.

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2014 after effects creative cloud mobile photoshop premiere pro

Creative Cloud 2014 June Release

Much more added to NAB video apps reveal

By Rich Young | June 18, 2014

This April, Adobe revealed many of the new features of Creative Cloud at NAB 2014, but that was for After Effects, Premiere, & the other video apps. It appears there's much more -- over 1000 feature updates for 14 desktop apps, plus numerous mobile and cloud updates. 

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after effects crumple fold origami unfold

Fold and unfold layers in After Effects

Scripts, some tutorials, and plug-ins

By Rich Young | June 16, 2014

Folder or unfolding layers has become popular in After Effects and other apps in the last several years, and tutorials, scripts, and even animated typefaces have popped up to help spread the meme. All we need now is an origami plug-in.

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after effects anti-alias expressions. math.round number counter

Fixing soft edges & number counters with automatic rounding

Using the Math.round expression in After Effects

By Rich Young | June 09, 2014

A few years ago, Stu Maschwitz noted the utility of the Math.round method, which rounds a number to the nearest integer. If you're repositioning or animating an object in AE, you'll often run into AE's subpixel positioning in Best Quality, which as noted long before expressions were a feature by Trish Meyer as the source of bad renders with lossy formats. But you can use an expression to force rounding on scale/position to whole numbers, in order to avoid softening on anti-aliased text or other layers. It's much easier to use that than to adjust entries by hand, and its utility goes further.

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3d text after effects element 3d video copilot

MovieType For Element 3D: new for After Effects

Animation & camera presets, materials, bevels, and more

By Rich Young | June 03, 2014

Motionworks has released MovieType For Element 3D. The package includes over 200 time-saving type animation presets, 60 camera animation presets, 450 materials, 150 bevel presets, 3D backgrounds, a camera and light rig, 6 tutorials, and associated AE project files. Also included is MoBacks, an After Effects backgrounds kit with over 55 AEPs and HD renders of grunge, starbursts, lighting effects, techno, smoke, ink, cellular, metal, paper, stone, plastic, leather, liquid, etc.

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after effects color correction premiere pro white balance

White balance in After Effects and Premiere

plus blending modes

By Rich Young | May 31, 2014

There are a number of ways to white balance footage in After Effects and Premiere Pro, and Chris and Trish Meyer recently added another method, sampling with the Tint effect on a Solid layer set to Divide mode above the source layer. Eran Stern also recently added a method, using CC Color Neutralizer in Premiere.

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after effects apple motion finalcutpro hitfilm plug-ins premiere pro vegas

HitFilm plug-ins for NLEs and After Effects

By Rich Young | May 27, 2014

In April, FxHome spun off most of the plug-ins from HitFilm, their affordable After Effect "clone" app, into a new product, HitFilm Plugins. With over 130 plug-ins for visual effects, compositing, and color grading, the package supports After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, and Apple Motion on two computers for all hosts on Mac and Windows.

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after effects fractal noise nebula roundup trapcode

Nebula construction in After Effects

By Rich Young | May 17, 2014

Nebulas can be created several ways in After Effects: with "cards in space" of real images, or generated by Fractal Noise or 3D particle systems, commonly fractal-displaced particle arrays like Trapcode Mir, Form, Hitfilm Atomic Particle, and other particle systems.

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after effects etlat print

After Effects for print: Making GAEA

+ ETLAT (edit this, look at that)

By Rich Young | May 09, 2014

A couple of years ago, Jesse Michael Newman released a layer-by-layer video deconstruction of an After Effects project, DECONSTRUCTING GAEA I - Flowing Meditation though the end result was a printed piece as part of a Kickstarter campaign. He has a new piece, DECONSTRUCTING GAEA II, to support a short sale on art prints.

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