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Rich Young (Twitter: @aerich ) is a long-time After Effects user from the San Francisco Bay Area. His After Effects and Premiere Pro round-ups provide viewers with an easy-to-digest summary of developments. He also supplies info and links for tutorials that allow users to do things in After Effects they never thought were possible....

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after effects circle

Circles in After Effects


By Rich Young | December 31, 2013

Making circles in After Effects seems like a trivial exercise, but there are a ton of approaches to their various forms in design. Circles come in movement and repetition, from expressions & scripts, as Shapes, masks, particle effects like Particle World, Bubbles, Ball Action, from the Circle effect, CC Sphere, Polar Coordinates, Wave World, Radio Waves, halftone effects (roundup), lens flare elements (roundup), and so on. Here are few circle-related tutorials and resources for After Effects.

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Spirographs in After Effects

By Rich Young | December 30, 2013

Spirographs in After Effects had it's 15-minutes of fame years ago and were lost in the mists of time (around here anyway), except for a few tutorial/project posts. Revisiting the topic reveals a variety of approaches and directions.

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after effects spiral

Spirals in After Effects

A roundup

By Rich Young | December 29, 2013

Spirals are used as design guides and elements or paths for text, shapes, particles, and layers. Here's a few resources for using and creating spirals in After Effects and other Adobe applications.

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3d ray trace

The Ray-traced 3D renderer in After Effects

Advice from Todd Kopriva, Roland Kahlenberg, and others

By Rich Young | December 28, 2013

A big addition to After Effects CS6 was the introduction of a Ray-traced 3D composition renderer that handles reflections, transparency, index of refraction, environment maps, in addition to the existing material options. Today in Creative Cloud CC, the chief limitation is still render time, but there's set-up advice for those willing to overcome the obstacles to get the lovely renders.

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webstream youtube

How YouTube Works

but still wondering about caching

By Rich Young | November 23, 2013

Though not long ago, it's hard to remember the era when RealMedia was the platform agnostic choice between Apple QuickTime and Windows AVI/WMV.  Those formats lost relevance for delivery with the introduction of Flash Video in 2002-2003, which didn't require installation of media architecture software, since Flash existed in every web browser.

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after effects brainstorm

Brainstorm in After Effects

A tutorial roundup

By Rich Young | November 19, 2013

Given a cool reception by some on its initial release, some may have wondered if Brainstorm in After Effects was more useful than the now defunct Variations feature in Photoshop. As shown in various tutorials, Brainstorm might be useful to help stir creative juices, even if it can bog down rendering previews of intensive effects, even Radio Waves.

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after effects dcp digital cinema package premiere pro cc

DCP (Digital Cinema Package) workflows for After Effects and Premiere

CuteDCP for Premiere Pro released

By Rich Young | October 15, 2013

Fandev has released CuteDCP for Premiere (Mac / Windows), a DCP (Digital Cinema Package; explained) render tool for Premiere Pro and Adobe Media Encoder. It allows users to export DCPs from any file imported into Premiere Pro or Adobe Media Encoder, and has been tested on most major play-out servers for digital cinema theaters. There's a variety of other solutions available too.

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creative cloud premiere pro

Features in the forthcoming Premiere Pro 7.1 update

plus Premiere Pro CC Advanced Workflow at

By Rich Young | October 14, 2013

Last month, Al Mooney detailed the Adobe Premiere Pro CC October 2013 Release, which is expected in the next 2 weeks, barring any difficulties (speculative or not). Adobe provided almost all of the info and video on this Creative Cloud release, as noted in Creative Cloud October update - over 150 new video features. Now, Josh Weiss at is sharing a preview video with his notes on a prerelease version of Premiere and Speedgrade.

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after effects glitch ink light leaks scripts

Creative Dojo’s free After Effects resources

Light leaks, glitches, ink, and more

By Rich Young | October 14, 2013

VinhSon Nguyen has a number of free products hidden away on his Creative Dojo site, including the Dojo Toolkit and Dojo Glitch scripts for After Effects, and as well as Free Ink Mattes, Free Light Leaks, and Dojo Color Preset packs. Related AE Portal roundups with additional resources... Read More


compression compression cut edit join split web webcast

Split, cut, join without recompression

By Rich Young | October 14, 2013

Sometimes even crude jumpcuts are preferable than trying to gather nearly forgotten source files, or recompressing an old madly-compressed live stream archive that YouTube or Vimeo will recompress yet again. Here's a few apps that can make quick work for those looking for a low-cost way to salvage content that needs a few tweaks.

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news ui

Fox News Deck: the future of news?

Welcome to the machine

By Rich Young | October 11, 2013

Fox News has been busy building their "revolutionary" Fox News Deck, capitalizing on the interest in high-tech computer user interfaces, like those mentioned in the recent "User interfaces in the movies and beyond" here at AE Portal. Hey, why should the NSA have all the fun?

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after effects gesture hud leap motion ui user interface

User interfaces (UI) in the movies—and beyond

'Make It So': a noteworthy book

By Rich Young | October 03, 2013

About a year ago, interface designers Nathan Shedroff and Christopher Noessel published their book 'Make It So: Interaction Design Lessons from Science Fiction', on how sci-fi and real world interfaces influence each other. User interfaces and human-computer interaction is a vast topic. Mostly we're interested in creating graphics that visualize what might be possible, or perhaps prototyping actual interfaces, so it's nice to peek at what others imagine and who's involved, especially if they use After Effects and Creative Cloud.

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adobe audition audio levels broadcast loudness metering premiere pro cc

Audio standards and Adobe Loudness Radar

Background and basic tutorials

By Rich Young | September 25, 2013

Recently here on PVC, Woody Woodhall discussed The CALM ACT (Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation), asking "Why Is The US Congress Messing With My Mix?". It's a nice introduction with several wrinkles worthy of further consideration, even if most of us don't use specialized audio tools like the Dolby Media Meter and are now uneffected by broadcast volume standards.

Many of us using more mass market tools will want to follow along with these first steps -- and can -- thanks to TC Electronic (see their loudness authority), whose LoudnessRadar was bundled with Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe Audition CC.

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premiere pro cc

4K in Premiere Pro with Thunderbolt on HP

Video from Adobe's Dave Helmly

By Rich Young | September 10, 2013

Early yesterday at IBC, Adobe announced major updates to Adobe Video apps in Creative Cloud for mid-October. There's more news from Adobe and partner HP on support for Thunderbolt on Windows, and a testing demo from DAV's TechTable on 4K in Premiere with HP Thunderbolt.

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after effects creative cloud premiere pro cc

Creative Cloud October update - over 150 new video features

...with video demos

By Rich Young | September 08, 2013

At IBC, Adobe has announced major updates to Adobe Video apps in Creative Cloud, which should be available in mid-October. This comes after Premiere Pro CC got 25 new features + bug fixes in a July update. Regular subscription updates do seem to be coming as expected, making it easier to use and digest changes.

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audio editing editing premiere premiere pro training

Premiere Pro News Notes #07 (more Audio)

Premiere, Audition, and more

By Rich Young | September 04, 2013

Here's part 2 of notes on recent news of assorted audio-related Adobe Premiere Pro tutorials and tips on noise removal, normalize, EQ, editing to sound, controlling audio in Clip Mixer and Timeline, voice overs, Adobe Audition and more.

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audio editing editing premiere pro training

Premiere Pro News Notes #06 (Audio Edition)

Recent audio tutorials

By Rich Young | September 03, 2013

A series of as-they-come notes on news of assorted Adobe Premiere Pro tutorials, tips, and related tools continues. A profusion of activity allows a collection of audio-related resources on noise removal, normalize, EQ, editing to sound, controlling audio in Clip Mixer and Timeline, voice overs, Adobe Audition and more.

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after effects animation audio edit

Animating to Sound with After Effects

a video course from Chris Meyer

By Rich Young | August 30, 2013

Although video/film types sometimes say that "sound is half the experience", sound and music are often an afterthought in After Effects. Music industry people who crossed over provide exceptions, like Chris and Trish Meyer of Crish Design, who have provided guidance on audio matters in After Effects since the days of InterActivity magazine.

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expressions particles

Expressions, Form, Particular: free tutorial series

from Harry Frank

By Rich Young | August 27, 2013

Several of After Effects training guru Harry Frank's tutorial series are now free: After Effects Expressions,  Trapcode Particular, and Trapcode Form.

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kinetic type

TypeMonkey: a kinetic type tool

for After Effects [updated]

By Rich Young | August 24, 2013

TypeMonkey is an AE script by Dan Ebberts & Orrin Zucker that generates complex kinetic type animations, camera included, which are dynamically tied to markers for easy customization.

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