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NAB Reveal previews from Adobe and others [updated]

By Rich Young | April 03, 2013

Adobe has started to reveal the features of the next versions of their video post production software, which will be demoed at NAB 2013.

There's no shipping date or official name, or information about the rest of the Creative Suite, though ProDesignTools says "Adobe CS7? Next Release of Creative Suite to Be Revealed May 6th", the date the Adobe Max conference opens.

Adobe is offering an NAB Show special of 40% off Creative Cloud ($30/month) from April 4-19, 2013, only through the store.

The announcement has been well-received, and there's plenty to still chew on. After the release, we can expect more critical eyes on feature gaps, and more details on the entire suite (like getting in & out of Speedgrade). But for now check out these links from Adobe, developers, the trade press, and trainers:


After Effects

Premiere Pro

More CS Next

Here's a sample of Mamoworld's reviews, on Warp Stabilizer VFX, several from Josh Weiss, and one from Greyscale Gorilla:

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