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Monster Face from Mamoworld

With some face replacement references.

By Rich Young | June 30, 2011

Mamoworld has a new After Effects video tutorial, Monster Face, which applies advanced tracking techniques from Mocha to modify a mouth and face in After Effects. Matthias recommends background in the popular Demon Face Warp tutorial by Andrew Kramer and his own Creating a Tracked Head Wound.

See also Todd Kopriva's Face replacement with mocha from David Torno on PVC tutorials by Torno on how he did tracking, compositing, and other post-production work for a music video (on Vimeo for mobile users). The cmiVFX training Nuke Facial Replacement Techniques looks interesting too. Put Your Face Onto An Inanimate Object at AEtuts by Alexander Dohr shows simple "face replacement" done quickly, while How To Blow The Face Off A Zombie Pirate by James Whiffin goes faceless. Fxguide has info on some delicate face replacement in Twice The Social Network.

The Mamoworld project files are available for free; here's the tutorial:

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