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By Rich Young | November 07, 2011


Here's another week of some of the latest news (in two parts) on After Effects tutorials, plug-ins, scripts, and related items of interest. It was busy again last week, with iExpressions (a new approach to leverage expressions), tutorials from Red Giant, workflow, cameras, and Avid moving things forward.

iExpressions from Mamoworld combines the power of After Effects expressions with the convenience of effect plug-ins. They allow you to use expressions without writing any code-each iExpression comes with an interface to control everything using adjustable parameters. iExpressions seems like something out of Stu Mashwitz blog on the potential of a nodes property panel, but it's just script UI for each expression.

iExpressions, available on AE Scripts, ships with over 60 iExpressions in six different categories: Audio, Linking, Movement Modifier, Physics Simulations, Source Text, and Wiggles (links to demo movies). Special pricing was announced for first two weeks. Here's Getting Started with iExpressions - part 4: Physics Simulations (english):

Maxon announced a new free plug-in for After Effects CS5 + that allows users to export projects directly into Cinema 4D R13. This new plug-in is a companion to the Cinema 4D composition import to AE plug-in (if you can tell them apart), which seen below:

Peder Norrby shares Cinema 4D scene to Trapcode Form 2.0.2, a tutorial showing how to create a scene in Cinema 4D, export an OBJ and Cinema's camera, and import it into After Effects so the Cinema render matches Trapcode Form:

Many people don't realize that they already own Mocha AE, the stand-alone planar motion tracker/roto tool, but it ships with After Effects CS4+. In Motion Tracking and Green Screen with After Effects & Mocha AE, Jeff Foster shows how to track, insert and matte using Mocha AE -- while retaining reflections on shiny surfaces. There are additional tutorials at Imagineer Systems, including Mocha AE: iPhone screen replace tutorial, where Martin Brenand shows how to track an iPhone and export tracking and mask XML data to Final Cut Pro to finish:

7 Stones: Rabbit replacement breakdown, from Michelle Yamazaki, explained the process of replacing a shot of a fake stuffed rabbit with the photo of a real rabbit, using Photoshop, After Effects, Imagineer mocha AE and a few plug-ins to match color.

Andrew Devis continued his series on AE Shapes with two tutorials: AE Basics 21: Shape Layers Part 5 - Offset Paths and AE Basics 20: Shape Layers Part 4 - Merge Paths. For more ideas see Use Brainstorm to experiment and explore settings and Alter shapes with path operations in AE Help, and related resources at AE Portal archive, especially the mini-roundup Shape Layers in After Effects.

Maxafter posted a new tutorial 49. Magic, which shows a quick transformation of a phone into marbles using Trapcode Particular and built-in plug-ins.

Regenerate Like A "Time Lord" From Dr. Who by Tom Ellingsen shows how to make a loose imitation using AE's built-in tools, alongside some stock footage, VCP's Optical Flares and Trapcode Particular.

Eran Stern posted Boris TV Opener, a behind-the-scenes look at the new Boris TV opener using forthcoming Boris Continuum Complete 8 plug-ins for After Effects.

Color Finesse, which ships with AE, has been update to 3.0.5, which includes a number of fixes and enhancements. To download the 3.0.5 update, visit Synthetic Aperature, which has a good survey of resources on Color Finesse. Here's Color Correction In After Effects With Color Finesse -- Day 1 from ColoristPro:

Todd Kopriva posted Adobe really is open, in which Automatic Duck co-founder and new AE team member Wes Plate talks about his past, present, and future with Adobe. Last month, it was announced that Automatic Duck, makers of popular plug-ins for exchanging timelines between After Effects, Avid, Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools, and more, had partnered with Adobe to bring best-of-class interchange technology to Adobe Premiere Pro and Production Premium.

Joke And Biagio shared the project they made for a Kickstarter campaign, and this AE tutorial:

AEtuts reposted Create Procedurally Animated Rhythmic Dancing Marbles by Satya Meka, who creates plug-ins more than tutorials these days (watch the volume):

Chris and Trish Meyer posted a final selection of "hidden gems" and essential advice, this time from Chapter 45 of Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects; see CMG Hidden Gems: Chapter 45 - What's Your Preference?

Class on Demand announced the immediate availability of an After Effects Apprentice course by Chris and Trish Meyer. The first 11 lessons of the course cover beginning and intermediate topics. Five more advanced lessons are scheduled for release by January 2012. Class on Demand is offering the course as part of a newly minted partnership with Focal Press. Individual lessons range in price from $4.95 to $12.95 for 1-3 hours; Lesson 1 is free with the purchase of any other lesson of the course.

Red Giant has been busy with several tutorials including:
* RGTV Live Episode 4: Motion Graphics for Product Spot (David Torno and more),
* RGTV Live Episode 5: Stargate Studios VFX, Color Correction in Motion Graphics (Colorista II, Walking Dead, and more),
* QuickTip #53: Layer Sampling - Generate Particles Where and When You Want Them
* Episode 63: Plot Device - Thunderdome (Embedded below, Seth Worley takes you through the process of creating the explosion and shockwave effect from the end of the sci-fi scene in Plot Device.)

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