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Are you ready for FCP X?

Rumors over Supermeet are flying!

By Steve Hullfish | April 05, 2011


Rumors are flying that Apple will be using the Vegas Supermeet to announce the next version of Final Cut Pro. Supposedly, Apple will be taking over the entire event for their announcement, canceling all other sponsors, including AJA, Avid, Canon, BlackMagic, Autodesk and others, who were set to give presentations.

I am waiting for some confirmations from inside sources at various companies but some of the "proof" that is public so far:

Daniel Berube, a co-producer of the event with Michael Horton, has rushed back to Vegas early from LA due to changes at Supermeet.

UPDATE: Philip Bloom just confirmed with me that Canon has canceled his appearance at the Supermeet, though he still may present (possibly as a guest of Apple.) At present he doesn't know if he will speak or not. Canon was told last night that Apple has demanded ALL "lecturn" or stage time exclusively. Some sponsors who were not using presenters may continue to sponsor the Vegas event, but none of them will be presenting on the stage. I can't imagine any news that would warrant this kind of "take-over" other than to announce and demonstrate the next full version of Final Cut Pro and possibly an entirely newly designed FCS4.

Frank Capria mentioned on the Avid-L2 that Avid would find another venue to present director Kevin Smith, who was scheduled to present at Supermeet.

(UPDATE: Avid confirmed that Supermeet (Michael Horton) told them last night that their sponsorship had been canceled. According to Avid, "Apple doesn't want anyone to have stage time but them.")

(UPDATE: Avid will be hosting Kevin Smith at other venues during NAB, for more information:

AJA offered a "no comment" on their Supermeet sponsorship and referred all questions to Michael Horton (who runs Supermeet). AJA has their own party that night at a different location, so it probably doesn't affect their plans too much.

Black Magic also gave me a no comment, though they acknowledged that something was happening with their Supermeet sponsorship.

I'm still waiting to hear from Michael Horton and Black Magic.

UPDATE: 8:44pm, April 5th) The Supermeet website recently changed, dropping all previously mentioned presenters and mentioning a "very special guest" with a "sneak peak at something very special." This basically confirms most of the rumors. (

UPDATE: Here is the statement I just received from Autodesk (6:15pm Central time, April 5):
Autodesk will not be presenting on the main stage at Las Vegas SuperMeet during NAB, but will be participating in the SuperMeet Digital Showcase. For more information on the SuperMeet event, please contact the FCPUG organizers. During NAB, there will be numerous opportunities to see Smoke in action, both through customers presentations and Autodesk demonstrations on the Autodesk tradeshow booth SL2120. We are also providing free hands-on Smoke training in the North Hall on Monday & Tuesday.

UPDATE: Black Magic Design has confirmed that they - and actually most of the sponsors - are STILL sponsors of the Supermeet. The main thing that changed with the addition of the Apple announcements is that the STAGE presenters have been changed. BMD is excited to be giving away over $20,000 of prizes at the event.

Stay Tuned for more!!! Keep checking back for updates or add me to your RSS feed.

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Eric: | April, 05, 2011

This is why people hate Apple.

Lippert: | April, 05, 2011

I, for one, am super excited to hear this rumor.  I just hope it’s true.  I expected the announcement today (a Tuesday, and just before NAB).  But what better place than the SuperMeet in a huge room full of devotees.  Frankly I was planning to skip the stage portion of the show because there was nothing Apple/FCP about it.  Sure, they’re crashing someone else’s party.  I say “let them.”

Eugenia: | April, 05, 2011

Hopefully they will also announce a new version for FCE too. It’s been a long time since a big update, and for the $200 it costs, it should support 24p by now, since most dSLRs now do and people need that.

georgemanzanilla: | April, 05, 2011

FCP is pretty much the core of my business. I need it to be faster, more reliable and expand on its functionality. Hopefully they address speed, key framing and media management.

A plugin store, ala iTunes or AppStore would also be incredible as long as there is a way to ensure plugin stability. Would be awesome. Very excited.

Ben King: | April, 05, 2011

Sheeeet Dan’s gonna be pissed when he reads this!

“Daniel Berube (a key Supermeet employee)” WTH ???

Daniel Berube is co-producer of the SuperMeets!!!!

Regarding the rumours… know if it is what we think it is…

...then you know what you would do in Mike and Dan’s shoes!

After all it’s an FCP SuperMeet and the vast majority of attendees are primarily FCP users!

Jeff Handy: | April, 05, 2011

It is going to be the most packed out SuperMeet yet. True, if you have a Dave Bowie party and David Bowie crashes it, you don’t kick him out. Still, they better bring some kick ass prizes and good will for the vendors they swept aside. :D


Craig Seeman: | April, 05, 2011

It may well be that AJA and Blackmagic are giving “no comment” because they’re not really gone from the stage.

They may be invited on stage to show how certain products will integrate with the new FCS that they couldn’t obviously do otherwise. Maybe introducing specific FCS4 Thunderbolt integration for example.

Note for example Bloom’s comment about “guest of Apple” speculation. For all we know they’ll be showing a method of import and direct codec support from Canon DSLRs.

Jeff Handy: | April, 05, 2011

I don’t think the Supermeet agenda would have changed so drastically for something smallish in comparison.

From the Supermeet site:

Agenda (UPDATED!)

  The Final Cut Pro User Group Network is excited to have a very special guest presentation at the 10th Annual Las Vegas FCPUG SuperMeet. Come to see a surprise sneak peek at something very special - you really do not want to miss this one!

Tom Daigon: | April, 06, 2011

I for one have great interest in the new FCP and no interest in Kevin Smith.I only bought my ticket after hearing about the change in venue.

Stuart - Liverpool Videographer: | April, 09, 2011

This is super exciting, wish I could go. I think the next upgrade will be a radical one.

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