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Sony Lets You Choose Your 4K Experience at NAB 2013

Sony Lets You Choose Your 4K Experience at NAB 2013

By Jeremiah Karpowicz | April 25, 2013

Tatsuro Kurachi, Sony Electronics Director of Marketing & Product Management, talks to us about the 4K solutions Sony had to show at NAB 2013. He provides specific details around the F65, F55, F5 and FS700 which are all 4K enabled cameras. 

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Find Out What Sony’s F5 and F55 Have to Offer

Find Out What Sony’s F5 and F55 Have to Offer

By Jeremiah Karpowicz | April 15, 2013

Mike DesRoches, Sony Senior Sales Support Engineer, talks to us about Sony's F5 and F55 from the Sony booth at NAB 2013. He explains what the cameras can do and how they can be utilized to establish the look and feel you're trying to create.


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Sony & Avid Presents Thierry Humeau

Sony & Avid Presents Thierry Humeau

Covering XDCAM® HD422 Workflow

By Sony Staff | December 05, 2012


Washington DC Dec 11, 2012 Tuesday Chicago Dec 13, 2012 Thursday

Here is a rare opportunity to meet award-winning documentarian, DP, and owner of Télécam Films, Thierry Humeau. At this special event sponsored by Sony and Avid, Thierry will share insights into making his latest PBS documentary, “Heart of the Civil War,” and will explain how he used Sony’s PDW-F800 XDCAM® camera and Avid NLE workflow to tell the story.

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See What Sony’s F65 Can Really Do

Watch the camera and workflow in action

By Jeremiah Karpowicz | November 16, 2012

At Createasphere's Entertainment Technology Expo Joel Ordesky, Product Marketing Manager at Sony Electronics for the F65, talked to us about the F65 and explained how and why it is Sony's premiere camera. He talks through many of its features and shows how content progresses all the way from the camera to the screen. Read More


Sony Shows off the FS700 at ETE

Sony Shows off the FS700 at ETE

Check out this exclusive product run-down from the Entertainment Technology Expo

By Jeremiah Karpowicz | November 13, 2012

Mike DesRoches, Sr. Sales Support Engineer at Sony Electronics, took the time to talk to us about the new NEX-FS700 Full-HD Super Slow Motion camcorder which is five cameras in one. He runs through the products many features and talks thought its multiple capabilities. Read More


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F3 Act II

S-Log, 4:4:4 output and more as standard equipment.

By The Sony Tech Guy | August 10, 2012

It looks like the F3, but it's the F3/RGB.

Sony has refreshed the PMW-F3 Super 35mm camcorder, reconfiguring it as the PMW-F3/RGB. The last three letters signify that 10-bit 4:4:4 RGB output and 10-bit S-Log gamma-previously extra-cost options-are now standard equipment. In addition, we've introduced a free firmware upgrade-version 1.40, created an accessory LCD monitor hood, and launched two lenses: a PL mount zoom and an interesting FZ mount servo zoom. Read More


CAMERAS: Sony FS700 Dynamic Range Presentation

CAMERAS: Sony FS700 Dynamic Range Presentation

The DSC Labs Xyla chart is the fastest and clearest way to see EXACTLY what your camera's gamma curves are doing...

By Art Adams | June 30, 2012

Sony recently asked Adam Wilt and I to speak about the new FS700 camera at CineGear. My portion of the presentation examined how to profile dynamic range and determine how the various gamma curves changed the camera's response. Read on to see what I discovered... Read More


CAMERAS: Avoiding the Big Gotcha When Shooting High Speed at Night

CAMERAS: Avoiding the Big Gotcha When Shooting High Speed at Night

I never thought I'd have to worry about the technicalities of shooting high speed at night, but the FS700 has changed all that. There's one very, very important trick to know before you take your new camera into the streets...

By Art Adams | June 08, 2012

Adam Wilt and I presented a talk about the new Sony FS700 camera to an audience at CineGear 2012. As part of our preparation we ran around and shot a bunch of slow motion night footage… which is certainly something I've never been able to do before.That was a VERY informative experience because we found a very interesting "gotcha" when shooting 240fps on city streets… Read More


CAMERAS: 240fps Promo Goes Live Thanks to Sony FS700

CAMERAS: 240fps Promo Goes Live Thanks to Sony FS700

Get a sneak peak before the big screen premiere at CineGear 2012!

By Art Adams | May 29, 2012

Adam Wilt and I will host a presentation on the new Sony FS700 at CineGear 2012. This video, a promo for clothing brand Betabrand, is the centerpiece. Get a sneak peek now, and get all the juicy camera details on Saturday, June 2nd, on the Paramount lot in Hollywood. Read More


CAMERAS: Food Fights with the FS700

CAMERAS: Food Fights with the FS700

You want 240fps 1920x1080? I've got your high-speed HD right here... for less than $10K.

By Art Adams | May 15, 2012

When Adam Wilt and I shot "Fire and Ice" together on a prototype FS700 we had no idea that it would be shown at NAB... and that it would be hit. We wanted to do more, so we pitched Sony a commercial concept for a local company that involved high speed "veggie baseball." Guess what: they sent us an FS700 again. Edible baseball never looked so good. Read More


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GEEK OUT: The Non-Technical Technical Guide to Sony OLED Monitors

OLED monitors are about to change the way we view images, both at work and at home. Prepare to look better than you ever have before.

By Art Adams | March 06, 2012

The first time I laid eyes on a professional Sony OLED monitor I knew my professional life had changed. In a few years I'm sure we'll take this technology for granted, but right now it looks AMAZING compared to any other monitoring system I use on a regular basis. For a slightly-technical-but-mostly-educational look at why, read on... Read More


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HPA Tech Retreat, Day One

Snowflakes In The Desert?

By Terence Curren | February 15, 2012

Welcome to Indian Wells, an offshoot of Palm Springs, CA. So why is the first day's "Super Session" titled "Snowflakes with an Increasing Chance of Clouds"? As moderator Leon Silverman said, modern post workflows are like snowflakes because no two are alike, and they change as soon as they hit the ground. Read More


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NXCAM® Firmware Upgrades

By Kristen Stamm | December 23, 2011

Sony announces new free firmware upgrades for the HXR-NX70U and NEX-FS100U/UK that are planned to be available for early 2012. To learn more, visit and bookmark Read More


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Quick Look: Three New E-Mount Primes

Sony's new 24mm, 50mm, and 30mm macro lenses for NEX cameras.

By Adam Wilt | December 17, 2011

The 50mm f/1.8, 30mm f/3.5 macro, and 24mm f/1.8 lenses, with hoods.

Sony has three E-Mount primes coming out right about now, and I had a chance to play with prototypes of them attached to an NEX-FS100 LSS camcorder. Here are my impressions, and a short test. Read More


archive manage organize share sony sony xdcam archive system

Organize. Manage. Share. Archive.

A practical and versatile solution for multi-format, multi-codec content management.

By The Sony Tech Guy | December 08, 2011

Introducing the ultimate multi-tasker. The Sony XDCAM Archive System is the affordable, scalable content management and archive system that allows quick, easy access to multi-format, multi-codec content-up to 85,000 hours of online proxy that link to the high resolution media on your shelf. Read More


SRMemory.  The maximum medium.

SRMemory.  The maximum medium.

Next-generation cameras need a new generation of media.

By The Sony Tech Guy | November 30, 2011

One trillion bytes in your shirt pocket.

How many hours are you willing to spend backing up your assets after a long day's shoot? What kind of data protection do you need for an indie project, a TV episode or a $100 million feature? What data rates do you need to record uncompressed 1080p high definition? Or 16-bit linear RAW at 4K and beyond? These questions aren't simply rhetorical. They're the issues Sony grappled with in developing the next generation of high-end recording media: the SRMemory card. About the size of a smart phone, the new media card neatly accommodates today's recording needs-and anticipates tomorrow's. Read More


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PsF’s missing workflow, Part 3: Sony’s AVCHD & NXCAM cameras

By Allan Tépper | October 31, 2011

In part 1 of PsF’s missing workflow, we introduced the new terms benign PsF and malignant PsF (Progressive Segmented Frame), reviewed their vital importance and fragility in post-production, and clarified the PsF status of two Panasonic professional AVCHD cameras (branded as AVCCAM). In part 2, we clarified the PsF status of the Canon XA10 professional AVCHD camera. Now, in part 3, we’ll clarify the PsF status of Sony’s professional AVCHD cameras, some of which carry the NXCAM brand.

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createasphere entertainment technology expo sony sony intensive

Join Sony at Createasphere for an in-depth exploration of the Sony Super 35mm family of cameras!

The Sony Super 35mm Intensive • Wednesday, November 2nd • Theater One • Burbank Marriott • 4:15 p.m to 6:15 p.m.

By Kristen Stamm | October 28, 2011

Juan Martinez, Senior Product Manager, will present the features and benefits of the NEX-FS100U, Sony's Super 35mm camera that opens a new world of high-quality production convenience and creativity. He will demonstrate how, thanks to the flexibility of the universal e-mount, this camera provides virtually unlimited choices in 35mm lenses including SLR, legacy 35mm and Cine, for a wide range of production applications. Read More


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The CRT Replacement Is Here…Finally!

Sony Trimaster OLED monitors really deliver.

By Terence Curren | October 04, 2011

With the death of CRTs, those of us who needed to critically evaluate video images in a standardized display universe were left with no adequate replacement. Most of us have been nursing along our aging CRT monitors and hoping something of equal or better quality would arrive before our trusted displays give up the ghost. Well, that product has finally arrived, and I predict that Sony is going to own the pro monitor market for delivering it. Read More


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Sony is Hosting 1-hour Open House Seminars on 3 Hot Topics Directly from Sony Booth #302

Taking Place at Createasphere's Entertainment Techonology Expo September 20-21 at The New Yorker Hotel.

By PVC News Staff | September 08, 2011

Seats are first-come, first-served to registered attendees of the Expo. Educational and informative - guaranteed. Read More