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The DSL not R

A camera shoots for the virtues of a DSLR without the motion picture vices

By The Sony Tech Guy | June 06, 2011

The NEX-FS100U is designed from the ground up for motion pictures.

From the moment they came out, HD-capable DSLRs have intrigued shooters with their ability to deliver Hollywood-style selective focus on a micro-budget. But even as HDSLRs have gained adherents, shooters have pointed to a list of pictorial, practical and ergonomic shortcomings. To be fair, these issues are the result of taking an excellent platform carefully optimized for still photography and adapting it for moving pictures. Sony understands. We know DSLRs, we love DSLRs, and we make a growing family of Alpha HDSLRs along with a large-sensor Handycam camcorder with still camera roots: the NEX-VG10, which uses an APS-C size image sensor. But we also wanted to create a purpose-designed professional camcorder that would combine the key benefits of HDSLRs without the limitations. The result is the NEX-FS100U. Read More


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Critical Evaluation goes OLED

Sony's first BVM-class Trimaster OLED monitors

By The Sony Tech Guy | June 01, 2011

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Sony's BVM-E170 and E250.

The place: Palm Springs. The time: February. The audience: a generous portion of the world's best informed, most demanding users of professional monitors all gathered for the HPA Tech Retreat 2011. It was here that Sony chose to introduce our second-generation OLED monitors: the critical evaluation BVM-E170 and E250. According to Debra Kaufman, blogging for Studio Daily, the retreat's emcee Mark Schubin called these monitors "what we've been waiting for." You can read Mark's own blog posts here and here. Pro Video Coalition's Adam Wilt recaps the technical presentation here. So why are these monitors such a big deal? What relationship do they have to today's high dynamic range cameras? And what does OLED imply for you? Read More


NEX-FS100U: The Inside Story

NEX-FS100U: The Inside Story

Juan A. Martinez explains it all

By The Sony Tech Guy | June 01, 2011

Juan A. Martinez introduces the NEX-FS100U Super 35mm NXCAM® camcorder at Sony's Pre-NAB Training. Get the inside scoop on imager technology, lens options, recording formats, and some really useful hardware features.

Read More


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Investing in image sensors

Resting on laurels is not in the playbook

By The Sony Tech Guy | May 20, 2011

The new F65 digital motion picture camera would not have been possible without major Sony advances in CMOS image sensor technology.

Ordinarily, it's hard to see the connection between stuff that directors of photography might be expected to care about (exposure latitude, highlight handling, low-light sensitivity) and $1.7 billion in investments. But when the money goes to Sony CMOS image sensors, the investments become a little more relevant. Recent Sony sensors have been headline news. It started with the launch of the award-winning PMW-F3 camcorder, which also marked the debut of a new Sony Super 35mm Exmor CMOS image sensor. Then came the long-hinted-at 8K sensor of the award-winning F65 camera, another Super 35mm Exmor CMOS design. And then Sony announced, that oh by the way, the NEX-FS100U, another award winner, features the same image sensor as F3. Sony is now actively building on these successes. Read More


AVCHD with a twist

AVCHD with a twist

NXCAM camcorders feature Sony's operations-adaptive codec.

By The Sony Tech Guy | May 04, 2011

Smarter than your average codec: the AVCHD encoder in Sony's NEX-FS100U.

Compression encoders are "content-adaptive." They keep a watchful eye on the complexity of the video signal and make content-based adjustments on the fly. Now a new generation of encoders adds a clever twist. On Sony NXCAM camcorders such as the NEX-FS100U and HXR-NX5U, our proprietary AVCHD encoder is not only content-adaptive, but also operations-adaptive. When you engage camera gain, the control bus signals the encoder, which adjusts accordingly. For example, when you boost the gain, the codec anticipates noise in the scene, minimizes the loss of encoding bits to noise and improves picture quality. When you cut the gain, the codec maximizes picture detail. As a result, you get a substantial advantage: image quality optimized for each gain setting. Read More


Sony FS100 at NAB

A detailed video walk through from Sony's senior product manager.

By Scott Gentry | April 15, 2011

Sony FS100 with Juan Martinez from Sony from ProVideo Coalition on Vimeo.

We spent time with Juan Martinez at NAB who walked us through step by step with the FS100. My apologies for the audio, as you can see Juan had his hands full of microphone and camera.Running time about 5:50. Read More


Sony F3 at NAB 2011

Shot at the Sony Booth

By Scott Gentry | April 15, 2011

Sony F3 at NAB from ProVideo Coalition on Vimeo.

This Video runs a little over 6 mins, but if you're an F3 fan, want to learn a little more, it's worth 6 minutes of your time. I spent a good deal of time with the F100 and F3 at the show. I left drooling for both. Read More


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PMW-F3 Dynamic Range Test

Abel Cine tests Sony F3 Dynamic Range on the charts

By Matthew Jeppsen | April 01, 2011

Abel Cine has been doing a short series of tests on the new PMW-F3 camera from Sony, and the latest episode is a very thorough dynamic range test. In it, they chart the F3 at a solid 12-stops of dynamic range, and then go on to show how the various Cine Gamma modes affect the way information the camera is capturing. It's a very well done test video, watch below... Read More


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More on the Sony NEX-FS100U AVCHD LSS Camcorder

The large-single-sensor "NXCAM 35" unveiled. Plus: writeups, NAB seminars, press release.

By Adam Wilt | March 23, 2011

NEX-FS100 next to a PMW-F3, from a Sony NAB Seminar email.

This image of the "NXCAM 35" camcorder is lifted from a promotional email for Sony's Super 35mm Seminars at NAB (more below). Jon Fauer shows a different configuration from his Japan trip along with his un-embargoed writeup. Read More


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PMW-F3 vs AG-AF100 vs 5D MKII

Comparison of Gain & Sensitivity and now updated with a Latitude comparison

By Matthew Jeppsen | March 21, 2011

Here's a quick side-by-side candle-lit comparison of the Sony PMW-F3, Panasonic AG-AF100, and the venerable Canon 5D MKII DSLR. The test footage was shot by Dennis Ersöz. This video clip very neatly shows how the native sensitivity of each camera compares, and also how clean the gain/ISO is at high levels. Watch below. Read More


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AG-AF100 and PMW-F3 on the Charts

...with RED ONE, Alexa, and EX1 resolution/aliasing comparisons.

By Adam Wilt | March 18, 2011

A PMW-EX3, PMW-F3, and AG-AF100 lined up on a cart.

This past Monday, Art Adams and I went up to Chater Camera to have a quick look at the tonal-scale renderings of the PMW-F3 and AG-AF100, two new large-single-sensor (LSS) interchangeable-lens camcorders, and to torture them with resolution, aliasing, and IR sensitivity tests. [updated 2001-03-19: RED M vs M-X aliasing comparison.] Read More


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New Sony Cameras

Sony flew a bunch of journos to Japan recently; here's what they saw.

By Adam Wilt | March 13, 2011

In the past couple of weeks, Sony took industry journalists on a junket to Japan, to get an advance peek at some new cameras (I was invited, but had to decline due to scheduling conflicts). Jon Fauer and David Williams have written up what they've seen. Read More


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LOG rolling with the Sony F3

Sony's S-LOG Gamma encoding reaches a broader audience

By The Sony Tech Guy | February 23, 2011

The S-LOG Gamma curve of the Sony PMW-F3 (blue) maintains camera highlights up to 800% of nominal peak white. This is far beyond the capability of conventional Rec.709 gamma encoding (red).

As the much-talked-about PMW-F3 handheld Super 35mm camcorder hits the streets this month, it comes with the promise of S-LOG Gamma, which will be available as an extra-cost upgrade later this year. S-LOG will join the F3's built-in HyperGamma curves as creative tools for managing high scene contrast. So what can S-LOG Gamma do for your images? How does it differ from HyperGamma? And what are the basic requirements for handling S-LOG Gamma in post? I'm glad you asked. Read More


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Super 35 size me

Sometimes bigger can actually mean better.

By The Sony Tech Guy | January 27, 2011

Next month marks the debut of Sony's first handheld Super 35mm model for professionals: the PMW-F3. It's also Sony's first such camera with XDCAM EX recording and first with CMOS technology. And the F3 starts at just $16,000 MSRP. The new camera is beginning to make a name for itself after some sweet pre-production tests and first-on-the-block Vimeo posts. In this article, we'll take a look at the new camera's Super 35mm image sensor, and see exactly what Sony means by "Super 35." Read More


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Resolution and screen size

Is HD "bigger" than SD?

By The Sony Tech Guy | December 22, 2010

The screen corners are rounded, the viewing distances are inexact and the angles aren't accurate. Still, this early SD versus HD diagram was prophetic.

I'm holding a Sony white paper on the proposed 1125/60 international HDTV standard for studio origination and program exchange. You say that standard doesn't sound familiar? It was the forerunner of 1080/60i. The white paper is dated April 1988 and it extols the virtues of future HDTV in terms of more scanning lines, better colorimetry and wider aspect ratio. But the most striking graphic shows an HDTV screen with a whopping six times the area of a superimposed SDTV screen. Why? What, if anything about HDTV translates to a bigger screen? And how closely do the televisions of today reflect the predictions of 22 years ago? Read More


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Wherefore 4:4:4?

When numbers get numbing.

By The Sony Tech Guy | December 17, 2010

This picture is worth at least a few words.

So much of the technical jargon around digital content creation is fraught with traps for the unwary. As we've previously written, an image sensor "pixel" is not the same as a recorded "pixel" and nothing about a 2/3-inch type sensor actually measures 2/3 inch. Another classic source of confusion is the seemingly innocuous ratio-such as 4:4:4-that expresses the digital sampling structure. Read More


An affordable, new choice for studio camera conversion

An affordable, new choice for studio camera conversion

Camera control unit for XDCAM EX camcorders

By The Sony Tech Guy | December 02, 2010

From corporate video studios to public access television to small market call-letter stations, there's a full-court press for affordable HD studio camera solutions. If you want full 1920 x 1080 resolution, full digital signal transport, full camera remote control and a full range of studio facilities, Sony has a surprisingly affordable new option. A new camera control unit (CCU), the XDCU-50 enables low-cost studio configuration with the PMW-EX3, 320, 350 and 500 XDCAM EX™ camcorders. While all these camcorders offer full HD resolution, there's a choice of imager sizes. The PMW-EX3 and 320 offer 1/2-inch type image sensors, while the PMW-350 and 500 step up to full 2/3-inch type imagers. The new CCU is destined to bring big smiles to a lot of faces with an MSRP of $3,500. Read More


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Quick notes: First PMW-F3 Movie; NXCAM 35 Pro Camcorder

Some chaps in the UK have shot a short with an PMW-F3, and Sony announces a pro large-sensor NXCAM camcorder.

By Adam Wilt | November 17, 2010

Things are really heating up in the large single sensor camcorder world. Read More


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Sony PMW-F3 Announced

Quick links to early info on this large-format camcorder.

By Adam Wilt | November 10, 2010

[Updated 2010-11-13: Added link to Jon Fauer's preliminary report.][Updated 2010-11-11: Sony USA press release, shipping date, US prices.] Sony has announced the PMW-F3, a 35mm-sized camcorder designed for interchangeable lenses. Think 35 Mbit/sec, 4:2:0 XDCAM EX; handycam form factor; new Sony F mount with a PL mount adapter; available as a body only or packaged with three new Sony cine primes (35mm, 50mm, 85mm T2.0). It will ship in February 2011. Read More


Simplifying software with XDCAM Browser

Simplifying software with XDCAM Browser

One app; many talents.

By The Sony Tech Guy | November 09, 2010

If it hadn't already been taken, E pluribus unum would have been a great motto for Sony's latest development, XDCAM® Browser version 1.00. This free, downloadable software unifies and simplifies what had been five separate applications for XDCAM and XDCAM EX products. This unification is particularly important now that the recently introduced PMW-500 camcorder and PDW-HR1/MK1 field recorder support both XDCAM and XDCAM EX file types. The new software also operates under both Windows® and Mac® OS. Read More