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Scott Simmons was born in rural West Tennessee and didn't really realize that movies and tv had to be made by actual people until he went to college. After getting degrees in both Television Production and Graphic Design he was in one of the early graduating classes at the Watkins Film School in Nashville, Tennessee. During that time at Watkins he discovered editing. While most of his classmates in film school wanted to be directors, Scott saw real career opportunities in post production and took a job as an assistant editor after completing fi...

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28 Days of Quicktips Coming Again for 2011 + reader Quicktips

28 Days of Quicktips Coming Again for 2011 + reader Quicktips

The best of those reader Quicktips can pick a free book

By Scott Simmons | January 31, 2011

February 1 UPDATE: KPL Production Services has added their timecode calculators for iOS devices to the reader submitted Quicktips prize list. Way back in the year 2009 when I started this channel on PVC I published the 28 Days of Quicktips. It was exactly what the title says, one Quicktip a day for the entire month of February that usually pertained to either Final Cut Pro or Avid Media Composer. It's now 2011 and February is almost upon us so I thought I'd do it again for 2011. One tip a day for the entire month. FCP, Avid and maybe a few for Adobe Premiere Pro CS5. This year we're also looking for user submitted Quicktips this time as well. Just send us your favorite short Quicktip and an accompanying image or two that helps illustrate the tip and we'll try to publish those as well. And as an incentive to send us your own Quicktips I will choose what I personally judge to be the best submission and send them a free book. Details below. Read More


avid dslr editing fcp hdslr media composer pluraleyes software syncing

PluralEyes for Avid Media Composer ships and syncs for you

The must-own auto syncing software originally for Final Cut Pro comes to Avid

By Scott Simmons | January 31, 2011

Singular Software made the announcement just the other day that their flagship product PluralEyes has been released for Avid Media Composer. As we all know PluralEyes is automagic software that "listens" to the audio of clips in an edit timeline and then attempts to automatically sync them. I say attempts but I've had great luck with it syncing some very difficult things and the Avid version seems to work quite well. PluralEyes for Media Composer is on sale for $119 until February 21. Read More


apple color color correction color grading control surfaces euphonix mc color grading hardware red tangent wave

How about application parity between the Tangent Wave and Euphonix MC Color

Support isn't too far off but it would be nice if both control surfaces supported everything we use.

By Scott Simmons | January 26, 2011

When it comes to affordable hardware for post-production, "affordable" is often a relative term. What may be affordable for one is not necessarily affordable for another. Sometimes there may be limited choices for a particular piece of hardware so the price point is the price point and there's not much the purchaser can do about it. Color grading control surfaces are no different. While some applications like Apple Color and RedCine - X support both the Tangent Wave and Euphonix MC Color others, like DaVinci Resolve and The Foundry's STORM, don't. This article is a call for developers to support both. Read More


bubcaps home button ipad iphone ipod touch toddlers

OT: If you’ve got a toddler and an iPad then you need a BubCap

It help keep those littler fingers from pressing the home button.

By Scott Simmons | January 23, 2011

This is a bit off topic of the usual post-production related stuff you might here but if you've got a toddler and an iPad then you've most likely got a toddler who wants to play with your iPad. While I've heard a few holier-than-thou arguments how some parents would NEVER allow their child to touch their iPad (not because they think the kid would break it but rather that it's not good for the child's development) I do let my 20 month old play with it from time to time. He loves it.The problem is that eventually he ends up pressing the home button and the fun ends. Enter the brand new BubCap. Read More


apple color color correction davinci davinci resolve davinci resolve for mac editing resolve resolve for mac

DaVinci Resolve for Mac review online

It took awhile but I finally finished the article for Studio Daily

By Scott Simmons | January 12, 2011

It took awhile (and a couple of Resolve articles here on PVC) but I finally finished my full DaVinci Resolve for Mac article that went online today over at Studio Daily. It's quite lengthy but as I was working out my ideas and thoughts on the application I began to realize just how deep an application Resolve for Mac really is. Read More


cut notes edit final cut pro ipad notes

Cut Notes offers more use for the iPad in the edit suite

It's a promising start to what could be a useful app

By Scott Simmons | January 11, 2011

There's a new iPad app that has just been released into the iTunes app store called Cut Notes (iTunes link). It comes from the folks at Digital Rebellion, makers of any number of handy tools that most all Final Cut Pro users are familiar with. Cut Notes is different in that it turns the iPad into a note taking device that can record comments about an edit and then send those comments over in any number of ways. Read More


Revisiting My Friend F13

Revisiting My Friend F13

That floating, mappable key always comes in handy.

By Scott Simmons | January 06, 2011

While working on a job this week I had tons of shots to log and organize. While doing this I realized how much I was pasting the same words over and over and over and over. No problem, I mapped my floating keyboard key F13 to paste. That meant I didn't have to keep hitting the two key combination of command + v over and over again. You wouldn't think it would make that much difference but it does. It reminded me of an old 2008 Editblog post: My Friend F13. Read More


digital editing education software training webinars

New Media Webinars offers fast, affordable training

As a presenter I've enjoyed doing them, as a student I've enjoyed learning from them

By Scott Simmons | December 22, 2010

When I finished my NAB 2009 Post Pit presentation I was approached by a gentlemen who operated a website called New Media Webinars. We discussed possibly doing a webinar similar to what my Post Pit presentation about cutting a Canon 5D multi-camera concert. After a lengthy discussion upon returning from NAB we decided on the topic of DSLR Filmmaking Post  Workflows. This was my first presentation for New Media Webinars would end up with four DSLR focused webinars (thus far) on production, post, color grading and audio techniques. Read More


christmas editing gifts storage the edit suite video

Christmas gift ideas for the editor

It may be you or someone you love but there's bound to be a good gift or two listed below.

By Scott Simmons | December 13, 2010

It's very close to the Christmas holiday but my guess is there's still a lot of shopping to be done. Editors need gifts too so I thought I'd put together this somewhat editor / edit suite specific list of a few items that might make an editor happy if they unwrapped them from under the tree. With that caveat you won't see any software or downloadable products, which makes this list a bit difficult since so much of what we do is on the computer. But in the age of email, send this link over to your loved one if they need some gift ideas. Read More


airgrade color color correction color grading grading iphone mac pixel farm

Pixel Farm brings AirGrade to your iPhone and your Mac

It uses your iPhone as a controller to grade photos on your Mac. Fun if not super useful.

By Scott Simmons | December 09, 2010

Press releases flew fast and furious a week or so ago as the Pixel Farm released AirGrade for your iPhone (iTunes link). AirGrade a color grading app for your iPhone that connects to a companion application on your Mac to allow you to use the iPhone as a control surface for grading still images on your Macintosh. I hadn't played with it until a discussion of AirGrade went around Twitter the other day so I decided to try it out. It's fun and it works well but as it says on the Pixel Farm's AirGrade website: "please remember it's primarily intended as a learning tool" which, at this point, it's probably not much of practical application except as an easy way to get graded photos from your Mac to your iPhone without the use of iTunes or any other application or service. Read More


color fcp final cut pro foundry foundry storm r3d red software storm

Kicking the tires on The Foundry’s Storm beta

It's in beta, it's buggy but you can see a powerful, well-designed tool inside. Oh the future ...

By Scott Simmons | December 06, 2010

It was a busy week this past week as November changed to December and The Foundry released their long discussed Storm product as a public beta free download. Storm is a "RED Digital Cinema Camera Production Hub" and has been described by RED's Ted Schilowitz as REDCine-X on steroids. After kicking the tires on Storm for a few hours over the weekend I'd say it's not just REDCine-X on steroids but rather what will be a much more well thought out version of REDCine-X that will hopefully be more robust, less quirky, easier to use and an overall better application. And that's as it should be as Storm will cost $375 when it finally ships its paid version around March 2011. Read More


avid color edit mac mc5 media composer media composer 5 organization

QuickTip: The clip custom color picker is there in Media Composer 5

Avid did change the clip Set Color option but the old one is there too.

By Scott Simmons | November 23, 2010

Avid released Media Composer 5 to some big changes and one of those changes that wasn't so big (but did cause some discussion and frustration amongst longtime users) was exactly how you are able to change the color of clips in a bin. Media Composer has a very nice option where you can select clips in a bin, change the color of those clips and then the timeline can reflect the colors of those clips in a very bright way. I use this all the time to color different types of clips (interviews, b-roll, audio, specific takes) for easy identification when looking at a timeline. Before version 5 you could pick a custom color but with version 5 that changed. The custom color picker is hidden. Read More


Avid and RED team up for a RED workflow webinar

You can never have enough info in the brain about RED workflow

By Scott Simmons | November 20, 2010

It looks like Avid and RED are teaming up for a webinar. The date is Thursday, December 2, 2010 at 11:00 am pacific and it looks to be free. The folks presenting are notable and make this event worth watching. From RED there is scheduled to be Ted Schilowitz and Deanan DaSilva. Ted is known to all RED watchers as true face of the company. He's the guy you see at all the industry events and trade shows evangelizing their technology, often with a prototype camera in tow. Deenan is one of the regular contributors over at Reduser and if you've read any of his posts he certainly knows his RED. Read More


clones computers graphics hardware mac mac clones macintosh

Hey, how about a MacPro clone to give us the system we need

It'll never happen but a Mac clone might be just what the doctor ordered

By Scott Simmons | November 17, 2010

For professional editors and post-production artists the choice of Macintosh is usually almost a religious decision. We want to nothing to do with the PC, not in the edit suite or with our machines at home.Macs have always had a prominent place in creative disciplines like graphic design, photography so Macintosh dominated post-production is no surprise. The Mac OS has always felt like it was created as a simpler, more elegant way to work with your computer so that has appealed to the right-brain thinkers since day one. Read More


apps color fcp grading ipad apps tangent tangent wave vwave-lite wave

Tangent’s vWave-Lite iPad app hits the app store

It's no hardware control surface replacement but it's fun and it's free

By Scott Simmons | November 12, 2010

Today Tangent Devices saw their first ever iPad app approved by the Apple Gods and with that blessing vWave-Lite is available from the iTunes App store. I took a few minutes and gave it a test run in Apple Color (sadly no DaVinci Resolve for Mac support) and while it's most certainly no replacement for a full-on Wave hardware control surface it's great for free! Read More


5d 7d adobe camera canon dslr editing h264 hdslr premiere pro cs5

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Helps Keep the Peace at Home

The native 7D editing means it's easy in, easy out

By Scott Simmons | November 08, 2010

This probably isn't the usual article on a piece of non-linear editing software. There will be no discussion of professional workflows and how it's used to create broadcast television or feature films. But rather it's a discussion of how a modest beginning, dabbling with a new piece of software and one of its signature features has grown into more than just a passing curiosity. It's also about how that single feature drew me in to Premiere Pro CS5 and how that feature is helping keep the peace at home.

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final cut pro mac mac os macintosh startup disk system preferences

Quicktip: Easy access to the Mac OS System Preferences

I can't believe I didn't know about this before now!

By Scott Simmons | November 03, 2010

Every now and then you might come across a little tip, trick or shortcut that when you see it you scream eureka! Why didn't I know about that before now? That's exactly what happened the other day when I accidentally right+clicked on the Mac OS System Preferences icon in the dock. Read More


adobe after effects effects footage r3d red redcine-x reformatting reframing

You can reframe your R3Ds in Redcine-X

And you can use After Effects too for creating nice closeups out of 4K media.

By Scott Simmons | October 22, 2010

When you're working with high resolution RED media in a high-definition world then one of the advantages of the original 4K image is the ability to reframe shots in post due to the different sizes of the acquired image. You can quite literally create entirely new shots without any softening of the image since the resolution is there. It can be accomplished in RED's free software Redcine-X though I have to admit it took me a bit of time to figure out how to do it. Read More


color correction denoise denoiser dslr fcp magic bullet denoiser red giant software software

Magic Bullet Suite 10’s new Denoiser plug-in

Magic Bullet Steady is gone but Denoiser is a great addition for working with noisy DSLR footage.

By Scott Simmons | October 14, 2010

A few weeks ago Red Giant Software released update to the ever popular, ever useful Magic Bullet Suite. This new version 10 includes the most recent versions of many useful tools including Magic Bullet Looks, Frames, Grinder, Instant HD, Mojo, PhotoLooks and the recently updated Colorista II (which you can find a review of here). One tools that is now gone from the suite is Magic Bullet Steady but it's been replaced by a new one: Magic Bullet Denoiser. And it's available as part of the suite or as a stand-alone purchase. Read More


cameras digital dit foundry r3d red storm the foundry storm

Paul Clements - First Impressions of the Foundry’s Storm

A great first look at Storm, reposted from Reduser with permission from Paul

By Scott Simmons | October 11, 2010

Several weeks ago The Foundry announced a new "revolutionary RED workflow system" called Storm. The product made its public debut at IBC and will be available as a public beta in November. Around February 2011 it will go on sale for $375 and should expand beyond RED in coming versions. Paul Clements is a UK-based DIT who has been Alpha testing Storm. He posted a detailed first impressions article on Reduser that's a great overview of what Storm has to offer. I asked Paul if I could repost the article here on PVC. Read More