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Scott Simmons was born in rural West Tennessee and didn't really realize that movies and tv had to be made by actual people until he went to college. After getting degrees in both Television Production and Graphic Design he was in one of the early graduating classes at the Watkins Film School in Nashville, Tennessee. During that time at Watkins he discovered editing. While most of his classmates in film school wanted to be directors, Scott saw real career opportunities in post production and took a job as an assistant editor after completing fi...

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animated shorts film logorama oscar winning animated short shorts

Oscar winning animated short Logorama

By Scott Simmons | March 25, 2010

Logorama from Marc Altshuler - Human Music on Vimeo.

Yesterday the word went around Twitter that the 2010 Oscar winning animated short film Logorama was available on Vimeo. It's 16 minutes long and a very clever piece of filmmaking. If it gets pulled from Vimeo it's also available in 2 different parts on YouTube as well as VodPod. The Wikipedia page has a bit of good info on the short.There's also the official site were they list many of the awards that Logorama has won ... surprisingly (at the time of this writing) leaving off the Oscar! Read More


apple camera canon dslr editing eos movie plugin-e1 for final cut pro fcp trancoding

A few more notes on the EOS Movie Plugin-E1 for Final Cut Pro

By Scott Simmons | March 20, 2010

I played around with the new Canon EOS Movie Plugin-E1 for Final Cut Pro this morning and I noticed a few other odds and ends after some discussion about the tool with folks on Twitter. Canon has a very detailed information page of their own which is helpful as well. If you haven't downloaded yet then you can grab the plug-in here. Read More


cameras dslr eos movie plugin-e1 for final cut pro eos plug-in fcp footage log and transfer software

Canon finally releases their DSLR plug-in for Final Cut Pro’s Log and Transfer tool

Use the FCP Log and Transfer tool to directly transcode and import into FCP

By Scott Simmons | March 19, 2010

We all know this fact: The Canon DSLRs (5D, 7D, 1D) use the H.264 codec for the video they shoot and wrap that into a .mov QuickTime. While Final Cut Pro does work with .movs, these H.264 versions are clunky to edit requiring much rendering when in a FCP timeline. H.264 wasn't designed to be a robust edit format anyway so the files need to be transcoded into something more edit friendly.Enter the new EOS MOVIE Plugin-E1 for Final Cut Pro. You can download it from Canon's website my selecting Mac OS X from the Drivers / Software Selection on the website. Read More


apps broadcast iphone iphone app nab nab 2010 nab iphone app

NAB launches its own iPhone app

Easily manage all of your time at the 2010 NAB Show

By Scott Simmons | March 17, 2010

Going to the 2010 National Association of Broadcasters convention? Have an iPhone? Then you've got to grab the free NAB Show iPhone app (iTunes link). They've crammed a lot of information into this little program and you can find just about anything and everything about NAB 2010 right in the app. Read More


apple editing final cut pro final cut studio maintenenace plugins software utilities

Q&A with the creator of FCS Maintenance Pack

Jon Chappell talks about a tool that might save your butt

By Scott Simmons | March 11, 2010

If you're a serious Final Cut Pro user then you are probably aware of Digital Rebellion and the tools that they make. Be it their popular Video Footage Calculator, Preference Manager for Final Cut Studio or the recently released FCP Versioner (which I reviewed on PVC) these tools tend not to be flashy but rather very, very useful. They have also recently release FCS Maintenance Pack. Jon sent me a copy and after using it I had a number of questions about the product. A question and answer session follows. Read More


5d 7d avid camera canon conform editing media composer symphony

What about a low rez to hi rez conform option for 7D footage on an Avid?

Is this a workflow you might be interested in?

By Scott Simmons | March 07, 2010

There's a forum topic over at that I've been following for quite a while. It's called new Jamfuze info new Jamfuze info and is a discussion about a Macintosh software product, written by a user, that works to process RED .R3D media into mfx files for direct importing into Avid Media Composer. That thread eventually moved into a discussion of a similar product that might include processing of Canon 7D (and I assume 5D, 1D, Rebel T2i) footage as well. What might become 7Dfuze was born. Read More


camera canon 5d color color correction editing fcp final cut pro multicam multicamera

Editing a multicamera concert shot on Canon 5Ds

It was our first true multicam show with the 5Ds and the results were nice

By Scott Simmons | March 03, 2010

It's no secret that Canon 5Ds are everywhere. They've shot music videos, short films, commercials and more Vimeo videos than anyone can imagine. One place where I haven't heard about a lot of usage (as of yet anyway) is in multicamera concert production. There's very real reasons why you wouldn't want to use any small-form-factor DSLRs (with no gen lock, timecode input or external monitoring) in a multicam production. But that doesn't mean that they can't get the job done. Read More


Editor porn from the Winter Olympics

Watch only if you're an editor.

By Scott Simmons | March 02, 2010

2010 Winter Olympics Recap - Avid / Pow! Pix from BoB Coon on Vimeo.

Here's a great piece of editor porn that popped up on Twitter from Alan Dennison. Watch only if you're an editor. Otherwise you probably won't care. Read More


commercials super bowl spots video

How they made the Old Spice Super Bowl commercial

A nice lesson about a great spot

By Scott Simmons | February 26, 2010

If you watched the Super Bowl just a couple of weeks ago then you probably say the Old Spice The Man Your Man Could Smell Like spot. If you didn't see it it's embeded above. IMHO it was one of the most clever ads of the night. It looked practical like it was done in camera with the exception of a couple of elements that had to have been cgi. The creators of the spot were recently interviewed by Leo Laporte on TWIT where they discussed the creation of the stop. It's very clever how they pulled it off.The video is after the jump. It's just under 20 minutes long. Read More


apple avid edit editing fcp final cut pro media management

Final Cut Pro’s achilles heel or how I hate the reconnection dance

From the Editblog archives: October 08

By Scott Simmons | February 24, 2010

When you talk about media management in Final Cut Pro it's often not a big issue to many as you digitize a few tapes or import some P2 media, add graphics, music and you're done. FCP's bad media management never rears its ugly head. But when you start working with many different clips across a lot of hard drives then the frustration can grow. And let's not even talk about multiple editors working on the same job in different locations. Say you are cutting for a director that has an exact copy of your media on his computer and all he wants to do is open the project file, watch the edit, make notes and then send it back… you must both go through the reconnection dance each time you open the modified project. It's a pain and a waste of time. Read More


apple color color correction control surface euphonix grading hardware mc color tangent wave

First impressions of the Euphonix MC Color

Euphonix finally ships its control surface for Apple Color

By Scott Simmons | February 21, 2010

The delivery guy walked in the door just over a week ago with a box containing a sparking, new, fresh off the assembly line MC Color control surface from Euphonix. For those who aren't familiar with this unit, it's a brand new entry into the affordable (relatively speaking at $1,499) trackball based hardware support for Apple Color. The Euphonix unit has the Tangent Wave square in its sights with a similar price point and similar functionality. In fact it's hard to talk about one without comparing it to the other, which is inevitable. This first impressions article is a short summary of early reactions to the MC Color and less, at this point, about a direct comparison to the Wave. It will take a lot more time to dig deep into the features and get really comfortable with the MC Color, but like I did with the Tangent Wave, I wanted to write down a few first impressions. I'll be doing a full review after I've used it for a few more weeks. Read More


apple apple color avid color edit editing media composer red tutorial workflow

Avid to Apple Color - The Video

More info on this cool workflow

By Scott Simmons | February 18, 2010

Late last year I posted a link and a step by step workflow to moving your RED edit from Avid Media Composer to Apple Color. You would think these applications, from two mortal enemies, wouldn't really work well together. But apparently with this workflow they can. While the step-by-step form was nice,this video from Avid Screencast (#15 Red Workflow iV - Conform from Avid to Apple's Color) shows the process in a nice, concise 6 minute tutorial. See the embedded video after the jump. Read More


edit edit suite toys video

Fun stuff for your edit suite

From various points in the Editblog archives

By Scott Simmons | February 15, 2010

If you have your own edit suite then you might already have the aeron chair or a Wacom graphics tablet or a fancy eCinemas display. But what you might not have are some of these little kick-knacks that make the edit suite home. I'm sure there are others. Place some links in the comments below if you have your own favorites. Read More


edit editing effects footage highlander teaching video

Highlander: Uncut - Getting footage to edit before the Internet

From the Editblog archives: June 08

By Scott Simmons | February 11, 2010

I posted this piece back in June 2008 after I had cleaned out a closet and found my old Highlander: Uncut editing package. It was cutting edge at the time but unfortunately this package is no longer for sale.Long before there was the project, cheap digital camcorders and even Final Cut Pro there was always the question of where could you get footage for digital non-linear editing. An even bigger question was where could you get REAL footage to practice and hone your story telling and NLE skills. There was always the outdoor forest footage that I vaguely remember Avid providing or there was Highlander: Uncut Read More


editing hardware interaction ipad multitouch touch screen video

Ideas for the Apple iPad in post-production

If this thing can connect properly to our desktop applications it will be killer

By Scott Simmons | February 07, 2010

With Apple's announcement of the iPad there's been tons of articles, tweets and blog posts about this upcoming piece of hardware. There's also been tons of ink spilled about just how this little device could be useful in the filmmaking process as well, some right here on this site. I had decided not to write anything at all about the iPad since pretty much everything had already been said. But I got to thinking how this device might integrate more with the post-production side of the filmmaking process while on a flight the other day ... so I made some notes. Read More


Now you can SEE in HD

Now you can SEE in HD

From the Editblog archives: August 08

By Scott Simmons | February 05, 2010

I remember seeing this on late night tv, in a 30 minute infomercial. I thought ... that would make a great blog post for those who haven't seen it! There's nothing the late night tv marketers won't do to sell a product.Hit the jump to check it out. Read More


Quicktip: Identify FCP filter in the timeline

Quicktip: Identify FCP filter in the timeline

From the Editblog archives: December 07

By Scott Simmons | February 02, 2010

One question I hear often is asking if there is a way to tell what filters are applied to a clip by looking at the clip in the Final Cut Pro timeline. The answer is yes. You must first turn on the Toggle Clip Keyframes button in the lower right corner of the timeline, or use the keyboard shortcut Option + T: Read More


edit editing moviemaker video

The Editblog is a top 50 blog for Moviemakers according to MovieMaker

To celebrate we're revisiting our archives in February

By Scott Simmons | January 27, 2010

I was happy to see that MovieMaker magazine has named the Editblog as one of the 50 Best Blog for MovieMakers! This was exciting for me as I've been reading the magazine for years and think they have very good taste . To welcome any new readers that might come via MovieMaker we're going to dig back through our nearly 5 years of articles, tutorials, tips, rants, videos, links and such and repost some long lost pieces.UPDATE: MovieMaker now has a special 50 Best Blogs link for a one year subscription for only $6. That's $1 per issue and a third of the regular subscription rate of $18. Read More


apple avid editing fcp final cut pro mac software wish list

My 2010 Wishlist for Final Cut Pro

Inspired by Peter Wiggins ... here's my own list

By Scott Simmons | January 20, 2010

Peter Wiggins posted a Top Ten Wish List for FCP in 2010 over on his blog recently. Then in a tweet he asked: What is yours? Years ago I posted what could have been called my FCP wish list in two Editblog posts: Bottom 10 Final Cut Pro and Bottom 10 FCP Tips ... revisited. They read just like a Final Cut Pro wishlist. So with those in mind here's my Wish List for Final Cut Pro in 2010. Some are revisited right from the Botton 10 FCP Tips, some echo Peter's. Everyone who has used FCP for any length of time are bound to have their own. Read More


backing up backups edit editing fcp fcp versioner final cut pro software video xml

Review: FCP Versioner

A backup utility beyond Final Cut Pro's Autosave Vault

By Scott Simmons | January 16, 2010

The guys over at Digital Rebellion have recently had a steady stream of good utilities that support Final Cut Pro and the entire Final Cut Studio. One that first comes to mind is a utility that I hope I never have to use, FCS Remover. That little app filled a need in the market for when you have to reinstall any of the FCS applications by yanking certain applications or the entire Studio install off your hard drive. They recently release FCP Versioner, a $59 "backup and versioning utility" for Final Cut Pro that takes the behind the scenes action of saving backups a step beyond FCP's built-in autosave. Read More