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Scott Simmons was born in rural West Tennessee and didn't really realize that movies and tv had to be made by actual people until he went to college. After getting degrees in both Television Production and Graphic Design he was in one of the early graduating classes at the Watkins Film School in Nashville, Tennessee. During that time at Watkins he discovered editing. While most of his classmates in film school wanted to be directors, Scott saw real career opportunities in post production and took a job as an assistant editor after completing fi...

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Are you coming to the Southeast Creative Summit?

I am and I'll be teaching several classes at the late October Atlanta event

By Scott Simmons | September 11, 2013

If you haven’t heard about the Southeast Creative Summit coming to Atlanta, Georgia on October 25 - 27 then I hope this article brings to your attention what I think will be a fun and creative weekend. I am honored to be presenting four different sessions on post-production and editorial. I like to think of this event as a mini-NAB Post|Production World conference were a lot of talented professionals will gather to talk and teach the technology they love and the craft they are passionate about. As these events go I think it’s pretty affordable and a discount code below can get you in for $495. This includes an Early Bird discount which is only good until September 25.

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My 5 favorite things from the upcoming Adobe Premiere Pro release

I'm sure there will be more to like but these things really caught my eye

By Scott Simmons | September 10, 2013

Big, happy news came to light yesterday for most all Adobe Premiere Pro users out there; that is happy news for those who are on the Creative Cloud subscription model. The news came in the form of the announcement of another big update to PPro that should hit in October and bring a ton of new... Read More


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A Q and A with Adobe about Adobe Anywhere

I've seen some misunderstandings about the product so maybe a these questions can clear them up

By Scott Simmons | August 31, 2013

When Adobe Anywhere was announced it was a happy surprise to most everyone in post-production. “Real-time collaboration” between editors anywhere in the world meant that the often pesky limitation of physical location could be a thing of the past. The demos were impressive and, quite honestly, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing the first time I saw it demoed. The product shipping a few months ago I have still been seeing a lot of questions and misunderstandings about what Adobe Anywhere is and what kind of gear one would need to implement it. I sent a Q and A over to the folks at Adobe recently to ask some of those questions.

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Trying to touch edit with the CTRL+Console iPad control surface

The iPad app can make editing more fun ... just not faster

By Scott Simmons | August 26, 2013

Way back at some point in 2012 I happily pledged some bucks to a Kickstarter campaign to try and design the ultimate iPad control interface for the non-linear editor. I was no stranger to these things as I have tried many of them. CTRL+Console looked like it might finally be the one. It has since shipped. It’s pretty damn good and the best thus far. I just don’t use it much … yet.

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Useful Tools for Editors: Hot Mid-August Edition

Some free, some cost, always useful

By Scott Simmons | August 10, 2013

It’s that time again where we take a look at a number of tools that an editor might find useful. Some free, some not, some software, some not … and a table. 

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It’s official: Avid is finally going to lay the DS to rest

It won't come as a shock to many though some will definitely be sad to see it go

By Scott Simmons | August 06, 2013

It probably won’t come as a surprise to anyone but it would appear that Avid is finally going to bring the axe down on their long suffering, little loved, often misunderstood but rabidly niche product the Avid D|S. Rumors of the demise of DS have floated about for a long time, most recently at NAB 2013 when Avid didn’t see fit to even bring DS to the show floor. A thread in the Avid Community forums on Monday night gave the unofficial word as Marianna, Avid’s amazing customer rep, told the world the product is End of Life.

UPDATE: Official word from Avid is below at the bottom of this post. The letter from earlier today wasn't the official release so we've pulled it. We'll post the new letter customers when we receive it. The Q and A is still posted which answers a lot of questions. The official updated letter is now below.

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Talk of editing on the Digital Cinema Cafe podcast

I was happy to talk editing as a recent guest on this new podcast.

By Scott Simmons | July 21, 2013

It’s been a busy few weeks here at the Editblog so posts have been slow to come. One thing I had the privilege of doing recently was sitting in on a session of the new podcast Digital Cinema Cafe (iTunes link). I hate to make a shameless self promotion type post but I think our episode, entitled Watch Your Footage! is good listen for both new editors and veterans alike. And as a companion piece to that also check out the Editorial Blank Stare episode that aired the week after. It’s a good editing one-two punch.

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Technicolor kills their Color Assist color grading application

It was a nice little application that no one you knew was using

By Scott Simmons | June 30, 2013

Word came out over the weekend that Technicolor has discontinued Color Assist and Color Assist Looks, their low cost video grading applications. This comes as a bit of a surprise as they were very recently still actively marketing the product. They had introduced a looks package called Color Assist Looks and there had been a recent update to work with Adobe products. In fact, as of this writing the front page of the website still shows After Effects integration while the Color Assist page is the death announcement. I think it's safe to assume there's two parts of the company not communicating very well.

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Avid Media Composer 7 ships. Here’s 25 new features

These come to the web courtesy of Wim Van den Broeck

By Scott Simmons | June 27, 2013

Avid has officially released Media Composer 7 and it’s ready for download. Sadly I’m right in the middle of a job using once of Avid’s competitors so I haven’t been able to try this new version yet. But never fear, the power of the internet brings us a great list of the top 25 features of MC7. These come courtesy of Wim Van den Broeck. If you’re not following Wim on Twitter then do so now as he’s the Avid guy to follow. And yes anyone can embed a tweet but we are doing it with permission from Wim. Thanks for putting these together.

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The Adobe CC apps go live. Some people are still angry I’m sure but it’s time to move on

The CC tools are great but there's other options out there as well

By Scott Simmons | June 17, 2013

Last night the Adobe Creative Cloud apps went live. They are there, ready to download right after you sign up for the new monthly Creative Cloud membership. Adobe’s new licensing model has been causing quite a stir. Some folks love it, some folks hate it. There’s no doubt that this debate will probably be rekindled anew with the actual release of the CC apps. This new licensing model isn’t perfect but it’s here and it’s sitting in front of some great video tools. So it’s time to either accept it or move on to something else. You’ve got choices for most everything.

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Review: SliceX powered by mocha is a must have for FCPX

Now if only we could get this tool in Adobe Premiere Pro

By Scott Simmons | June 12, 2013

When it comes to quality motion tracking it’s hard to beat Imagineer Systems and what they have with their mocha technology. When it comes to masking tools inside of Final Cut Pro X it’s hard to beat what CoreMelt has come up with in their SliceX masking tool. Combine that masking of SliceX and the tracking of mocha and you’ve got a very must-have tool for FCPX in the recently released, $149 SliceX powered by mocha.

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A new Mac Pro really does live after all

It's new, it's weird, it'll ship in the fall and probably wasn't what you expected

By Scott Simmons | June 10, 2013

So yea the new Mac Pro made a debut today at Apple’s yearly Worldwide Developer’s Conference. It’s not shipping yet and there’s no shipping date other than later in the year. No price either. There is a brand new page on Apple’s website though. This was just a sneak preview which is a rather unusual thing for Apple to do, especially when it comes to hardware. They must have been following all the grumbling from the pro users out there who are demanding a new pro system. Did Apple deliver this pro system with the new Mac Pro?

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ScopeBox 3.3: Affordable and customizable video scopes

And with the new ScopeLink feature maybe one less computer required to implement it

By Scott Simmons | June 03, 2013

Video scopes are one of those things we often take for granted. Most all NLEs have video scopes somewhere in the software. They are very important when it comes to the color grading / color correction process but many of those working in post-production don’t really know how to properly use them (I say partially raising my own hand). Sometimes it’s a matter of making the right window arrangements to use an app’s built-in scopes but if you don’t save that window configuration then you’ll be less prone to use them when the time comes. Enter a product like ScopeBox which is $100 stand-alone video scope software. Video scope software, for the most part, requires its own computer and hardware to run, but ScopeBox 3.3 breaks that tradition with a new feature called ScopeLink.

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Ice Cold Gold editor tweets a ton of Avid tips

It's only 140 characters but you can make some good tips in a small space if you try

By Scott Simmons | May 23, 2013

Twitter is always a good place to chat about film and video post-production. It’s also a great place to pick up tips and tricks. Recently editor David Michael Maurer spent his Twitter day tweeting a slew of Avid Media Composer tips and tricks. It’s often tricky to distil a complex editing tip into 140 characters but Mr. Maurer did a good job. Since not everyone who would like to see some good Avid tips is on Twitter I’ve reposted those here, with permission.

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I miss digitizing footage from video tape

In today's way-too-much-footage file-based world that realtime capture feels like an old school luxury

By Scott Simmons | May 21, 2013

Ok, I’m going to just come right out an admit it … I miss digitizing. For those young ‘uns unfamiliar with the term that would be the process of actually having to take a video tape and capture that into the computer for editing. Some folks call it ingest, others do use the term capture but I’ve always referred to it as digitizing. I used to hate it but now I miss it. Sometimes I miss it a lot. Is that crazy?

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Premiere Pro (and all the Adobe apps) are going cloud only

No more software boxes or 4 figure purchase either for that matter

By Scott Simmons | May 09, 2013

It’s been an eventful few days in and around the general world of film and video post-production. If you haven’t heard (but of course you have) Adobe made the decision to move all of their software licensing to the cloud, their Creative Cloud, and charge $50 a month to access to everything they make. No more paying some $1,500 up front for the Production Premium and having a box shipped to your door. While it would be nice to have a less expensive monthly access to only those video-centric apps (I’m never going to use Dreamweaver, InDesign or Muse among others) you really do get a lot for that $50 (check out the pricing page for other price options that could lower your monthly bill to Adobe). 

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Useful Tools for Editors: After NAB Edition

Another round-up of useful tools you may or may not know about

By Scott Simmons | May 05, 2013

Another NAB has come and gone so things can begin to get back to normal. With that end to NAB let’s have a new entry into the Useful Tools for Editors category with our After NAB Edition. We talk PCs, relinking, keyboard emulators, slideshows and (of course) FxFactory.

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Visualizing hard drive speeds with the Blackmagic Disk Speed Test

A few images for those new to editing to see the extreme differences in drive speed

By Scott Simmons | May 03, 2013

I was having a discussion with some students recently about hard drive speeds and why it’s important to have a fast drive for editing. All the discussion of data rates and different types of connections can only go so far as students new to editing need to see that speed in action. The Blackmagic Disk Speed Test (Mac App Store link) is a good way to visualize drive speed but we didn’t have that handy so here’s those big speedometers scaling from USB up to a very fast Thunderbolt connection.

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NAB 2013: X-Keys

They're just a bunch of buttons but boy do they look handy.

By Scott Simmons | April 18, 2013

I know I probably shouldn’t get excited by something as simple as a bunch of buttons but I have to say that one of my favorite things that I saw at the 2013 NAB show were the X-keys Sticks from P.I. Engineering. These things are just a strip of 4, 8, or 16 buttons that I envisioned as an extra set of function keys. I know it seems silly but boy did I immediately see a big use for something like that. I’ve tried so many different input devices over the years but nothing seems quite a nice as buttons.

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NAB 2013: The TitaniumZ-5 from Small Tree

Need portable network storage for up to 6 editors?

By Scott Simmons | April 17, 2013

Not everyone in post-production has the need for shared storage and probably even less of those need portable shared storage but if you’re one of those that do look no further than the TitaniumZ–5 from Small Tree. It’s got some impressive specs and an eye-catching, yet useful form factor. It looks like it would be the perfect fit for certain editing situations.

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