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10 Final Cut Pro things FCP editors might be missing in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

These are a few of the things that I found myself searching for as I've been moving over to Premiere Pro CS6 as a FCP 7 replacement

By Scott Simmons | May 11, 2012


Adobe is making a big play for Final Cut Pro users with their CS6 release of Premiere Pro. It’s vastly improved over the Premiere Pro of old and is a lot like Final Cut Pro. There’s even a keyboard shortcut layout for Final Cut Pro users. But it is a totally different application than our old Final Cut friend and some things you’re used to in Final Cut Pro either aren’t there or just work differently. Figure out the differences and work with the changes as Premiere Pro CS6 is a great application … and as we all know Final Cut Pro 7 isn’t going to get any better.

option + up and down arrow doesn’t move clips up or down a layer in the timeline

Final Cut Pro editors love the keyboard quickie of option up and down arrow. Select items in the timeline and hitting those key combos will move items up or down a track at a time provided there aren’t other clips in the way. This doesn’t happen in Premiere Pro CS6. I wish it did as it’s a very nice shortcut that is fast and keeps things in perfect sync as there is no mouse involved.


In the above keyboard shortcuts I searched for UP and you can see what the UP key is set up to do by default

If there's another way to achieve this via the keyboard then please let me know.

Crop is a filter

Final Cut Pro editors are used to having edge cropping built right into the Motion tab as a part of the inherent attributes of every clip. This isn’t the case in Premiere Pro CS6. Crop is a filter that has to be applied from the Effects tab. Unfortunately there is no feather option on the crop and using the Edge Feather effect doesn’t feather the crop, only the original edge. Of course you could Dynamic Link over to After Effects and do all the cropping and feathering you can imagine I suppose. Other things like Distort and Drop Shadow are available in PPro as effects as well.


Under the Effect Controls of a clip there is no Crop


But search the Effects and Crop is a GPU accelerated effect

Adjusting the mixer doesn’t change the clip level at the playhead

It’s a very important audio mixing distinction to note that Premiere Pro CS6 uses track based mixing via the Audio Mixer. When you move one of the Audio Mixer sliders the rubber banding for the clip at the playhead does not change. The level for the entire track changes.


Track Volume rubber bands are turned on for the voice over track and music track in the above image (you can change the track names). Clip Volume is turned on for the other audio track.

To adjust the audio on a per-clip level you have to use the rubber banding on the actual clips in the timeline. Whether this is better or not than the way Final Cut Pro 7 does it is open for debate but that’s track based mixing vs. clip based mixing.

Effects and filters can’t be applied via the menus

In Final Cut Pro effects (filter, transitions, favorites, generators) got their own tab for drag and drop application but they also could be applied via a menu item. Premiere Pro CS6 doesn’t have such a menu item so you have to use the Effects tab. Effects can be applied via a drag and drop to clips in the timeline or drag it to the Effect Controls tab. Double clicking an effect will also apply it to selected clips in the timeline.


Having effects always available via a menu as we do in FCP7 is a nice alternative to dragging them out of a tab.


The Effects tab with GPU accelerated effects highlighted.

There’s no automatic search in the media reconnection dialog box

If you’ve got media offline in Premiere Pro CS6 and you’re going through the reconnection dance (yes, unfortunately the reconnection dance can be a part of PPro as well) you’ll probably miss the Locate and Search buttons from the Final Cut Pro Reconnect window. They at least made it easier to dance the reconnection dance. Premiere Pro doesn’t have a version of that.


FCP wasn't very good at media management but at least it could search for offline media itself in the Reconnect Files dialog box.


You’re really on your own when searching out offline media in PPro. It does show the name of the file it’s looking for. Hopefully media management is on the top of the PPro engineering list.

What does the absence of an automated search during the reconnection dance mean? You gotta manually search it out so good luck with those crazy file-based camera names. All the more reason to keep media organized and online.

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IEBA: | May, 29, 2012

The track-based audio levels drive me batty. I mean, I understand the concept and how it differs from how FCP uses a track-based audio slider to set audio level on a clip- which sounds stupid and counter-intuitive, but actually works well for several reasons-

If you move the clip in the track, or to some place else in the project, the audio adjustments you made to the CLIP stay with it.

If you move another clip into the former location of the adjusted clip in PP, then the audio adjustments now affect THAT clip and there’s no easy on-screen indication of what’s going on that I have seen (I’m not using v6 yet)

Seeing the rubberband for a clip’s audio change as you ride the audio clip’s levels is exactly what you want to happen, no matter whether the concept is track or clip-based audio adjustment. When you think it through, there’s no reason you’d want to adjust the audio settings for a track because a track could be empty, or the contents of that track changed if content gets moved around.

If it was empty, would you want to change the levels of the track? No. You want to change the levels of a clip.

As for Search, in the locate clips box from PP you show, in the upper right corner, isn’t that a search box? I know it’s OS-based, not application based, but would that work?

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