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Update Alert: FX Factory moves to 4.0 and now supports Premiere Pro CS6

Long having support for Adobe After Effects this is the first time for FX Factory in Premiere Pro

By Scott Simmons | November 09, 2012

Some exciting news has just come online from Noise Industries. Their always useful FX Factory product has reached 4.0 and with that update brings first ever support for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. All the usual suspects are there as far as the FX Factory partners. This Premiere Pro CS6 support joins After Effects, Final Cut Pro 7 and Motion as one part of FX Factory with Final Cut Pro X also being supported (although not all FX Factory products work in both FCPX and the others). The PPro support is important, not just because FX Factory has long supported After Effects but because more and more people are using PPro in place of Final Cut Pro 7.

If you're not familiar with FX Factory then it's worth a download of the demo to see exactly how it works. While the $400 FX Factory Pro provides a ton of useful effects, transitions and generators it's all of the FX Factory partners that provides a big mix of different kinds of tools and products. Most are of those effects are available for demo once FX Factory is installed but there are others that can be downloaded from the FX Factory store.

There's a ton of the FX Factory filters in the Premiere Pro CS6 Effects tab.

How well do they perform in PPro? I haven't had the chance to use them yet but version 4.0 of FX Factory is now installed so I plan to use them soon. I asked Niclas Bahn of Noise Industries about this update and bringing FC Factory to Adobe Premiere Pro CS6:

We are super excited about releasing Premiere Pro Support. Every new host is a lot of work! The FxFactory platform has many different products, from many different developers. FxFactory 4 literally brings dozens of individual products from a dozen developers to Premiere Pro.

All products must be tested on the new host, and often times FxFactory functionality has to be re-designed or created so that plugins work effectively and intuitively in a new host.

AE and Premiere Pro are similar in the way they handle plugins, but important differences do exist… getting Premiere support was not “free” after AE support was implemented.

Here's all you need to know about FX Factory 4.0 in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6:

The effects.

It's especially important to watch this video on transitions in PPro because third party transition plug-ins work in kind of a weird way. Why they don't apply like Adobe transitions is beyond me.

Pan and Zoom.

Photo montage slideshows.

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