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15 Free Logos For Your Production Industry Business

By Dan Carr | December 31, 2014

So you’ve decided that the freelance lifestyle is for you and you’ve got a website online to show off your skills.  Getting your business branding on point should be one of your next goals but when you first start out, it’s not always... Read More


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REVIEW - Genarts Sapphire 8

One of the leaders in effects is back, but is version 8 worth your time and money?

By Kevin P. McAuliffe | December 30, 2014

I know a lot of people in the industry, both users and developers alike.  I know almost the entire teams at Boris FX, Coremelt, Digital Anarchy, Rampant Design Tools, Imagineer Systems, and many others, but I’ll be honest.  I’ve always found Genarts to be a glass ceiling... Read More


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Here are Simple Methods to Help You Start Your Film Project in 2015!

By Bobby Marko | December 30, 2014

So you have an idea for a project you'd like to kick off in 2015 - it could be a short film, feature film, documentary, animation, anything in which you will need time, money and resources. But there is this seemingly invisible wall that stands in your way of starting. No matter which way... Read More


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After Effects and Premiere Pro in 2014

A few highlights

By Rich Young | December 29, 2014

2014 was only a slightly slower year in feature releases, with After Effects development underway that one might assume will help speed work within the app in 2015. In January 2014, the AE team hinted that performance, workflow, and improved creative capability was the main focus behind the scenes, which is great with 4K gaining steam. Performance in Premiere Pro was addressed several years ago and the emphasis now is more on usability and workflow. Read More


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Fast Title Changes in Final Cut Pro X

This Week on Under 5

By Mark Spencer | December 22, 2014

On this week's Final Cut Pro X Under 5, Steve Martin from Ripple Training shows us how powerful the Timeline Index can be when it comes to modifying titles. If you've been navigating to titles by scrolling along the timeline, you won't want to miss this tip.

By... Read More


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Wrapping Text Around an Object

On This Week's Motion Magic

By Mark Spencer | December 22, 2014

Motion's text formatting, styling, and animating capabilties are deep - and when combined with Motion's realtime playback engine, creating text-based animations is downright addictive.

This week on Motion Magic, I show you how you can wrap text around an object in 3D... Read More


Product Review: The Padcaster Mini

Product Review: The Padcaster Mini

The Best Way to Use your iPad Mini in Production!

By Jeff Foster | December 21, 2014

In addition to the original Padcaster for the full-sized iPad, they've developed a solid, smaller variation for the iPad Mini, plus a host of other accessories to make this ingenious design even more attractive in production - more than just a frame to hold while shooting video and time-lapse shots.

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Media Composer 101 - Lesson 8 - What’s new in v 8.3

Let's take a look at the new features in the new Media Composer 8.3 update

By Kevin P. McAuliffe | December 20, 2014

The newest update to Avid Media Composer gives us access to higher than HD resolution(s), a new codec (DNxHR), and a few other bells and whistles that you'll definitely want to check out!

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PSA: Current Avid Media Composer owners upgrade to v8 before the end of the year

You have just over a week to keep your license current for $299 per year

By Scott Simmons | December 20, 2014

This is a public service announcement as we move into this last week of 2014. If you currently own a license for Avid Media Composer here’s a reminder that you have through December 31, 2014 to get your one year support contract and, by virtue of that support contract, get your version 8 upgrade … all for $299. This is the way to go for current Avid Media Composer users as this will keep you current for $299 per year. That includes standard support and all the upgrades Avid cares to give us. Welcome to new software licensing models.

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Adobe Ask a Video Pro 2014 - webinar roundup

Learning from the best

By Eric Philpott | December 19, 2014

Ask a Video Pro is a webinar series  where users can learn from the video production experts to help them get more out of their Creative Cloud tools. Every few weeks attendees log on to find out more about new new features, deepen their knowedge, or expand their skill set by learning a new... Read More


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Media Composer 101 - Lesson 7 - Settings Part 1

Your settings are what are going to keep you editing at top speed!

By Kevin P. McAuliffe | December 18, 2014

You settings are exceptionally important inside of Media Composer.  They are what are going to give you access to all the bells and whistles that will make the difference between a slow edit and unhappy client, to a fast edit, and an exstatic client!

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First look: Panasonic DMC-FZ1000 4K UHD camcorder

First look: Panasonic DMC-FZ1000 4K UHD camcorder

With its 25–400mm permanent electric zoom and 1" type sensor for under US$900, it is worth a good look.

By Allan Tépper | December 18, 2014

I first paid attention to the Panasonic DMC-FZ1000 4K UHD camcorder when my friend and director Luis Palomo told me he had one on the way for him. I looked up the specs and price, and was intrigued. Like the Sony PXW-X70 I’ll be reviewing soon (already purchased by two local friends), the DMC-FZ1000 has a 1" type sensor which is capable of 4K UHD, as well as 1080p and below. It has a 25–400mm permanent electric zoom (35mm equivalent). Here is my first look (including audio details not published by Panasonic), while I perform a full evaluation with Luis.

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Linking Animations in Motion

This Week on MacBreak Studio

By Mark Spencer | December 17, 2014

The Link behavior in Motion is a powerful way of animating one one object with another.

This week on MacBreak Studio, I show Steve Martin from Ripple Training one way to use the Link behavior to create a wheel and piston animation similar to a steam locomotive.

In... Read More


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Adobe video applications updated

Creative Cloud offers pros performance and compatibility with the latest technologies

By Eric Philpott | December 16, 2014

Adobe release updates today for its pro video applications including Adobe Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, Adobe Media Encoder CC, SpeedGrade CC, Adobe Audition CC, Adobe Story CC Plus, and Adobe Prelude CC. The 2014.2 release offers feature enhancements and updates, including YouTube... Read More


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Let It Snow!

Creating Snow Effects in Motion

By Mark Spencer | December 15, 2014


Motion Magic is a weekly series of short tips from Ripple Training for how to do something useful in Apple Motion. This week, I show you how to add snow to a scene by starting with a preset particle emitter and then modifying it to make it come to life. Particle emitters are one... Read More


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Template Greeting Cards in Final Cut Pro X

This week's 5-minute Final Cut Tip

By Mark Spencer | December 15, 2014

Final Cut Pro X in under 5 minutes is a weekly series of short tutorials from Ripple Training designed to show you how to do something specific and useful in Final Cut Pro X from start to finish.

This week's episode shows you where you can get a holiday template that was... Read More


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First Look: Veydra Mini Primes for Micro Four Thirds

I test four new cine lenses for GH4s, BMPCCs, and other MFT cameras.

By Adam Wilt | December 15, 2014

I’ve had some time to play with four prototype Veydra MFT Cine Lenses: the 16mm, 25mm, 35mm, and 50mm. Here’s what I’ve seen. [UPDATE #4 6:00pm PST 17 Dec: Kickstarter project funded at over 5.4x the goal.]

Four prototype Veydra Mini Primes and a GH4

The... Read More


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REVIEW: proDAD Mercalli V4 SAL+

Let's clean up some video, shall we?

By Bruce A Johnson | December 11, 2014

Whether attached to a car, a bicycle, a motorcycle,  a quadcopter, a rocket or a pair of skis, we have all become addicted to the unusual perspectives the GoPro family and all their action-cam brethren can give us.  However, it doesn’t take too much experimentation with these... Read More


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Media Composer 101 - Advanced - Avid Pan and Zoom

Creating the Ken Burns effect inside of Media Composer is simple, AND included in your MC Subscription

By Kevin P. McAuliffe | December 11, 2014

In this week's Media Composer 101 tutorial, we're going to look at an effect that is used in just about every documentary, and that is the Ken Burns Effect, or a Pan and Zoom effect.  The effect comes standard inside of Media Composer, and is quite simple to use!

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Best of 2014 Aerial Videography Gear Guide

Best of 2014 Aerial Videography Gear Guide

A General Guide for Aerial Photo/Video Gear Currently Available

By Jeff Foster | December 10, 2014

2014 has been an amazing year for aerial/drone photography and video, and I've compiled a list of great products that will appeal to fliers and shooters for all levels!

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