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Lightworks: a Professional Editor for Free

The Non-Linear Editor from EditShare for Mac, Windows and Linux, has a free version for users that only need to work at 720p.

By Jose Antunes | July 03, 2014

A non-linear editor system praised by many of Hollywood's top names, Lightworks is not on the top list of video editors, but that does not stop the creators from investing in a program that is popular in Windows and now can claim to be the first offering versions for Mac, Windows and Linux. Furthermore, there are recent public beta versions of the program to download, for the different platforms. So, why not give it a try?

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The Library Inspector in Final Cut Pro 10.1.2

This Week on MacBreak Studio

By Mark Spencer | July 01, 2014

Last week Apple released its 12th update to Final Cut Pro X since its release 3 years ago.

This 10.1.2 update includes a variety of workflow improvements which we covered in detail in this PVC article. Over the next few weeks we'll be discussing these changes here on... Read More


Product Review: SmallHD DP7-PRO OLED Field Monitor

Product Review: SmallHD DP7-PRO OLED Field Monitor

Color Accurate True Black HD 7.7" Field Monitor with Built in Scopes

By Jeff Foster | June 30, 2014

The SmallHD DP7-PRO OLED field monitor provides accurate color, rich blacks and an OSD/Scope system delivered through touch screen that will knock your socks off!

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Updated Product Review: Genus Mini Jib with MoCo

Truly Compact and Portable Jib for DSLRs and HD Camcorders

By Jeff Foster | June 28, 2014

The new Genus Mini Jib was designed for portability and simple setup/operation on location. It's not meant to be a studio jib but while it can handle a decent payload of about 9lbs, you can manage to get a decent load to balance and maintain control of the operation. I give the Genus Mini Jib a thorough test with different camera configurations and push it to the limits. UPDATED with the Genus MoCo motion control system for the Mini Jib started on the bottom of Page 2.

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DP Paul Del Vecchio & BMCC New Firmware

How the new debayer helped him acheive his film's look

By Brian Hallett | June 28, 2014

Recently, Blackmagic Design released camera firmware 1.8 for all four of their cameras: Cinema Camera, Pocket Camera, Production Camera, and the Studio Camera.  In an interview, New York based DP Paul del Vecchio talks about his work on the indie drama “Trent & Isabella.” and how the new firmware in the Cinema Camera helped him achieve the looks he lock down while on set.  

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Product Review: Genus Elite Matte Box & Bravo Follow Focus MK3

Professional Filmmaking Gear That Keeps Working

By Jeff Foster | June 27, 2014

I've had the opportunity to use the Genustech cine gear for several months now on a variety of cameras from a Sony EX3, to a Canon 60D to a Blackmagic Design Cinema Cam and a BMD Pocket Cam. Highly adjustable, durable, and travels very well. In one word: Solid.

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Getting Tricky with Auditions in Final Cut Pro X

This Week on MacBreak Studio

By Mark Spencer | June 26, 2014

Something else you can do with Auditions?

Yes, although we have talked about Auditions in Final Cut Pro X before, this week on MacBreak Studio, Steve Martin from Ripple Training demonstrates another way to work with this powerful feature.

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3d 4k 64bit cyberlink editor editors slideshow creator

A 4K Video Editor for Enthusiasts

What has multicam viewing (up to 4 angles) 3D and 4K editing and output and costs $99?

By Jose Antunes | June 26, 2014

If you're in the market for a video editor, one program you should probably look at is Cyberlink's PowerDirector 12, launched in September 2013, winner of a CES 2014 Innovation Award, selected by PC Magazine as the Best Video Editing in 2013 and receiver of multiple world-class awards since its introduction in September 2013.

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cs3 extended cs6 photoshop video editor

Video Editing in Photoshop

Photographers using Photoshop and interested in video already have an excellent video editor available: Photoshop!

By Jose Antunes | June 25, 2014

Photoshop CS6 has video editing features that will be enough for a lot of people to edit their videos, and that should be an incentive for photographers (like me) to explore this side of their DSLR cameras, something many have not done/tried yet.

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GoPro Dual HERO System for Stereoscopic 3D

GoPro Dual HERO System for Stereoscopic 3D

Housing and Sync System for Twin Hero3+ Black Cameras

By Jeff Foster | June 24, 2014

GoPro introduces the Dual HERO System for two Hero3+ Black Edition cameras to create 3D stereoscopic images and I get to take it to task in this review, shooting still image pairs and video clips.

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exercise fitness fitness in post tips training

Q and A about the new post-production health resource Fitness In Post

We all know that editors and post-pros probably aren't the most active and fit bunch

By Scott Simmons | June 24, 2014

If you’re an editor, motion graphics artist, colorist or most any other post-production professional you’ll probably be interested in Fitness In Post. It’s a new online community with the lofty goal of getting post-pros off their rears and moving around; be it with a standing desk, exercise or some sort of subjecting yourself to unspeakable horrors that is a Spartan Race. That’s probably a bit extreme for some. You’ll hear a lot of talk about standing desks.

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4g 4g lte action camera bluetooth ego ls gopro liquid image live streaming wi-fi

A Wearable 4G LTE Camera

The Liquid Image Ego LS camera allows live streaming beyond the range of Wi-Fi, but there is a catch: the resolution.

By Jose Antunes | June 24, 2014

While many action camcorders in the market offer wireless connectivity, only the Liquid Image Ego LS, which will be launched this Summer, is able to transmit over a 4G LTE network video in WQVGA at 30fps. If by now you're confused, let me share this with you: WQVGA is a nominal resolution of 400x240, with multiple variants, the biggest of them covering 480x272 pixels. Yes, that's what the Liquid Image Ego LS does on 4G.

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Blackmagic Releases Camera Firmware Updates

Then takes them down, only to officially release them the next day *(recently updated)

By Brian Hallett | June 23, 2014

A little before 2:00am Central Standard Time Blackmagic Design quietly released Firmware 1.8 for the Cinema Camera, the Production Camera, the Pocket Camera and the Studio Camera.  There was no press release... No announcement at all.  It was quietly uploaded and within a couple hours, they took the update away. At the very least, this is an opportunity to see what is to come in the new firmware before it's officially released

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2014 after effects creative cloud mobile photoshop premiere pro

Creative Cloud 2014 June Release

Much more added to NAB video apps reveal

By Rich Young | June 18, 2014

This April, Adobe revealed many of the new features of Creative Cloud at NAB 2014, but that was for After Effects, Premiere, & the other video apps. It appears there's much more -- over 1000 feature updates for 14 desktop apps, plus numerous mobile and cloud updates. 

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aps-c canon eos600d crop crop sensor eos rebel 3ti movie digital zoom video

EOS 600D/Rebel 3Ti: The Best and Cheapest DSLR for Video

If you want a DSLR for video and have few lenses, the EOS 600D may be your best investment.

By Jose Antunes | June 18, 2014

The humble EOS Rebel 3Ti/EOS 600D DSLR from Canon, launched in 2011, is one of two Canon cameras offering your lenses a unique feature: as if by magic, your 100mm becomes a 300mm. But Canon dropped the function in most recent models.

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2014 adobe after effects announcement creative cloud editing editing event launch nle

New Adobe Creative Cloud video applications now available

2014 release of Adobe Premiere Pro and other production tools launched today

By Eric Philpott | June 18, 2014

At a special event in New York City, Adobe today announced the launch of the new 2014 versions of the Creative Cloud desktop apps, new mobile apps and tools, and expanded integration. Included in these are new versions of Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, SpeedGrade CC, Adobe Audition CC,... Read More


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Dynamic Range & Blackmagic’s 4K Production Camera

How much over/under can one shoot?

By Brian Hallett | June 17, 2014

Blackmagic Design lists the dynamic range of the 4K Blackmagic Production Camera at 12 stops.  What does this mean in real-world situation?  How much range is in the 4K ProRes file?  For me, I wanted to see what I can over/under expose and still get a great image out of the footage

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3d 3d text apple motion fcp fcp x fcpx final cut final cut pro final cut pro x mark spencer

mObject for Motion and Final Cut Pro X

This Week on MacBreak Studio

By Mark Spencer | June 17, 2014

3D objects in Motion and Final Cut Pro?

Well yes, it is possible, thanks to a new plugin from called mObject.

With mObject, you can create or import 3D objects, add lighting and textures, and then manipulate them directly inside either Final Cut Pro X... Read More


Blackmagic finally removes (part of) the Band-Aid!

Blackmagic finally removes (part of) the Band-Aid!

After several years + 241 electronic signatures, some DreamColor Monitor users can rejoice and sell their Band-Aid, but not all

By Allan Tépper | June 15, 2014

A few days ago, I received a cryptic message from an Australian reader (a countryman of Blackmagic, but apparently not a Blackmagic Design employee). It said: “Looks like Blackmagic have removed the Band-Aid. Latest software supports RGB 10bit on HDMI!”. I immediately downloaded the ReadMe for the latest update to Blackmagic’s Desktop Video Software, which also automatically updates firmware when appropriate. I had a couple of questions and contacted Blackmagic PR. Ahead are the critical details you need to know.

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Adobe to hold special online event on June 18

Everything new is new again in Creative Cloud

By Eric Philpott | June 12, 2014

On June 18, Adobe will host a worldwide event from New York City on what's coming next in Creative Cloud. The presentation will start at 1:00 pm ET (10 am PT) and anyone can register to watch live.

At NAB this year, Adobe revealed new versions of all of the Creative Cloud... Read More