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Sony NX70: the rainproof HD camera that may leave you with drops in your eyes

By Allan Tépper | July 19, 2012

The NX70 camera from Sony (officially the HXR-NX70, followed by a regional suffix) is the waterproof NXCAM camera that may leave you with drops in your eyes, for many reasons. Of course, drops in human beings’ eyes can be cause by several factors, including allergies, deception, ecstasy, extreme happiness, sadness… or even raindrops falling in our eyes, as the NX70 invites us to experience. Thanks to Sony Professional’s Latin American office, I was able to spend some time with a sample of the segregated 59.94 Hz version before having to return it. In this article, you’ll discover everything I discovered about it, some videos, its specs, features, and comparisons to other similar cameras in its price category.

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JuicedLink video illustrates audio quality with DSLRs via RiggyAssist versus an H4n recorder

By Allan Tépper | July 11, 2012

JuicedLink just released a new video to illustrate the quality of an audio recording to a DSLR camera (the Canon 60D) via JuicedLink’s own Riggy-Assist low-noise preamp versus the same signal recorded on the popular H4n audio recorder. The same microphone was used in both cases. Ahead you’ll see the video, hear the audio, and discover why I am inviting JuicedLink to create a slightly different comparison for us.

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HP DreamColor Mac connectivity & functionality: update 2012.1

By Allan Tépper | July 03, 2012

After a period of non-disclosure from HP, I finally have lots of information to report about news regarding DreamColor connectivity and functionality with Mac. In this article, you’ll find out about new DreamColor software for Mac (you no longer need temporary access to Microsoft Windows to calibrate the DreamColor in a pro video environment with a pro video i/o interface), problems and solutions resulting from Apple’s surprising switch to YUV instead of RGB on the Mini DisplayPort/Thunderbolt output on Macs released starting in 2011, and more. I have called this article DreamColor Mac connectivity and functionality: update 2012.1 because I expect there to be several more this year.

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Cinegear 2012 - SmallHD DP7

New Monitor Comes In Hight Bright or OLED

By Clint Milby | June 30, 2012

At Cinegear 2012, we had an opportunity to visit with Wes Philips of SmallHD.  Beyond their very popular, DP4, DP4EVF and the DP6, Wes gave us a peek at the highly anticipated DP7. Read More


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CineGear 2012 Lensbaby

New Moviemaker's Kit is a suitcase full of magic!

By Clint Milby | June 28, 2012

New MovieMaker Kit is a Suitcase Full of Magic!

At Cinegear 2012, we stopped to talk to the good folks at Lensbaby. Kirsten Hunter was able to tell us about one of Lensbaby's most exciting products: The Lensbaby Movie Maker's Kit. Read More


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Google’s new Nexus 7: a general first look for content creators and consumers

Part 1: a general first look

By Allan Tépper | June 28, 2012

Yesterday, Google announced its first branded tablet, the Nexus 7, with a 7-inch diagonal, 1280x800 screen, and the latest 4.1 Android OS operating system. With a base price of US$199 for the 8GB model (or US$249 for the 16GB model), it is perfectly positioned to be a “Kindle Fire killer”… or at least for a few more weeks, since Amazon is expected to update its entire Kindle line during the month of July. This first look article will review the multiple “Nexus advantages” (known by die-hard Android fans) compared to other Android devices, and what we should know about it as content creators and consumers. Whether or not we actually end up producing any content with one, we need to understand the Nexus 7 as it shapes the market as a delivery platform.

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Cinegear 2012 - Rotolight Anova

New LED Promises to Change the Way You See Lighting

By Clint Milby | June 27, 2012

At Cinegear 2012, I had the privalige of visiting with Rod Gammons, owner and CEO of Rotolight at Cinegear 2012. Gammons was good enough to give us a full demonstration of the Rotolight Anova system. Read More


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Flaw in Avid Studio & iMovie for iPad makes them more appropriate for broadcast news…

than for new media. How ironic!

By Allan Tépper | June 26, 2012

Frequent readers of ProVideo Coalition magazine know that I have already published a few articles about the use of the iPad for journalism, thanks in part to the HD camera and higher performance in the 2012 model. Previously, I have complained about how much it “Hertz” me that currently the three leading iPad video apps record video with an inappropriate audio sampling rate. But that’s not the focus of this article. Ahead, I’ll point out another common flaw that currently exists in both Avid Studio for iPad and iMovie for iPad that ironically makes them more appropriate for traditional broadcast news editing than for new media.

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Cinegear 2012 - Easy Focus

New Wireless Focus Assist Grants Clarity With A Simple Touch

By Clint Milby | June 26, 2012

Focus is key, there's really no way around it. Barring aesthetic choice, losing focus can be disastrous. So it's no wonder that there are many choices when it comes to follow focuses. Easy Focus, however takes the cake in terms of versatility and ease of use. Read More


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Hybrid USB/XLR microphones: the missing workflow for independent voice talent and podcasters

An ebook inspired by a need among voice talent, and a vision of a workflow using little known tools and techniques

By Allan Tépper | June 21, 2012

Several times a month, I am inspired to write and publish an article about one of my varied interests. This happens less frequently with books that I write and publish, but it does happen. In this case, it has to do with a need I’ve seen for quite a while among independent voice talent and podcasters who generally work from home or an office (not from a recording studio). Often many professional voice talent just need to record audio (not to edit it), and are confused about what microphone to get, what non-editing audio recording app to use to record uncompressed AIFF or WAVE, and when (and how) to record either 44.1 or 48 kHz. So I wrote an ebook in two languages, with photos and appropriate screen shots for each language.

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Carbon XL: An All-In-One Solution For Camera Motion

Two Biggest Words For Camera Support: Carbon Fiber

By Clint Milby | June 20, 2012

Cinegear saw a lot of great products this year, but one of the most striking was the Carbon-XL 10. Anyone who's ever schlepped up a hill or traveled cross country or traversed through airport security, knows that packing a slider or portable jib can be pure hell. Read More


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Part 2: Hybrid XLR/USB/iPad mics that rival expensive studio mics

These new mics from Audio Technica change the rules and open new opportunities

By Allan Tépper | June 15, 2012

In part 1 (1st handheld dynamic microphones with hybrid XLR/USB/iPad connectivity from Audio Technica) I covered background information, including the benefits & limitations of previous USB mics, and the need for hybrid models. I also defined “zero latency monitoring” and made some initial comparative performance tests via the analog XLR output against our reference mic (Heil PR–40) and the classic Shure SM58, and was quite impressed. Now in part 2, we go further and test the digital USB output, and even include some tests from two professional voice talent who are already using one with excellent results. As promised, we’ll cover how to switch them via software between 44.1 and 48 kHz when using the digital USB output.

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High Speed and Low Light with the NEX-FS700

Showing off what the FS700 can do, at Cine Gear Expo 2012 in LA.

By Adam Wilt | June 05, 2012

Sony asked Art Adams and me to talk about our experiences with and impressions of the NEX-FS700 camera at Cine Gear Expo in LA this past weekend. Here's my half of our combined presentation. Read More


band-aid bandaid component dreamcolor rgb yuv

Blackmagic: We’re ready to remove the Band-Aid!

If you agree, please sign the online petition requesting the required updates.

By Allan Tépper | May 11, 2012

Despite years of diplomatic prodding on my part, both via articles in ProVideo Coalition magazine and private emails, Blackmagic has still avoided and postponed offering RGB on its HDMI outputs. [If you’ve read my articles regarding HP DreamColor connectivity, you already know that the DreamColor engine demands digital RGB (not YUV/component) and true progressive (not interlaced or even PsF).] As a result, until Blackmagic updates their products (hopefully via a firmware and software update), you’ll have to spend an additional US$495 for an HDLink Pro 3D DisplayPort which will take the SDI signal from either the DeckLink HD Extreme 3D card or the UltraStudio 3D external interface. And that also means an additional SDI cable, an additional power supply, an additional power outlet, and having to make additional adjustments in another device. If you agree, please sign the online petition I’ve created. Read More


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How the Blackmagic Cinema Camera will indirectly take sales from AJA, Matrox, and MOTU

By Allan Tépper | May 10, 2012

What are you talking about Allan? AJA, Matrox, and MOTU don’t manufacturer or sell cameras! How will the Blackmagic Cinema Camera take sales from AJA, Matrox, and MOTU? The reason is related to the DaVinci Resolve grading software that Blackmagic is including with the camera at no extra cost. Even though Apple bundled Color (which was an updated version of Final Touch) with Final Cut Pro 7, very few people I know actually used it, and it is effectively dead since Final Cut Pro 7 is no longer available for sale, and Apple doesn’t supply Color with Final Cut Pro X. Things will be different with Blackmagic’s inclusion of DaVinci Resolve with the camera, because almost all users (i.e. anybody who shoots in RAW mode) will need to grade their footage. Given DaVinci Resolve’s excellent historical reputation and the fact that purchasers of the camera will get a free license, many of them will likely want to invest in learning to grade with it, rather than spending cash on some other grading application. In this article, I’ll explore why this situation will mean less sales for AJA, Matrox, and MOTU. Read More


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AbelCine updates its free Field Of View Comparator for Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Now you can compare the field of view of just about any camera and lens, free of charge!

By Allan Tépper | May 09, 2012

We applaud AbelCine for updating its unique interactive Field of View Comparator to include the recently announced Blackmagic Cinema Camera. This camera’s sensor size joins many other sizes and even some specific camera models from manufacturers and brands like Arri, Canon, Panasonic, Panavision, Phantom, RED, and Sony. Of course, the AbelCine Comparator continues to include standard HD sensors including 2/3“, 1/2”, 1/3“, and 1/4” used by several manufacturers. Just select one sensor size or camera model on the left side, another on the right, and select the lens’s native focal length in the middle, and voilà… Ahead in this article, you'll see some examples which compare the field of view of a Super35mm sensor, the Blackmagic Cinema Camera sensor, a 1/2" HD sensor, and a 1/3" sensor.

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Adobe Says:  “Get Your Head Into the Cloud”

Adobe Says:  “Get Your Head Into the Cloud”

CS6 offers an all in one, cloud based solution at an amazing price

By Clint Milby | May 08, 2012

Shortly after NAB 2012, Adobe hosted a press conference to show off CS6 and make announcements as far as availability and pricing. We at HDSLR Shooter were in attendance and filmed a bit of the demonstration and address in the main theater of at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. This demonstration centered around developing an entire marketing campaign including, a website with video fully integrated as well as brochures created specifically for tablets. Read More


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Sony quietly announces the NX30 camcorder, a little sister to the NX70

With an 1/2.88" sensor and 26mm wide angle (35mm eqv), the NX30 should ship in June for well under US$2500.

By Allan Tépper | May 08, 2012

Although during the past year I’ve written quite a bit about the Sony NX70 (officially, the HXR-NX70) here in ProVideo Coalition magazine, I haven’t yet published my review on it because I only received the NX70 loaner unit yesterday. While I prepare the review of the NX70 in the next couple of weeks, I feel compelled to let you know that at NAB 2012, Sony quietly announced the NX30 (HXR-NX30), a little sister (i.e. smaller and lower cost) to the NX70 which apparently shares the same sensor and almost identical specs on its lens. From my perspective, the NX30 is clearly focused by Sony to overtake the market space currently occupied by the Canon XA10 and the Panasonic AG-HMC40 (price/size/progressive/electric zoom/balanced audio inputs), about which I’ve already written a few times. In this first look at the NX30, I’ll highlight the NX30’s unique characteristics, make some initial observations & comparisons, and include some videos about it.

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NAB 2012: RED

RED's Ted Schilowitz discusses 2012's products, and a photo gallery.

By Adam Wilt | May 07, 2012

RED's "Leader of the Rebellion" Ted Schilowitz held a press conference at NAB on Monday, describing the projects and products RED is working on. Rather than paraphrase him, I've got him on card (well, it's not "on tape" and it's not "on film"; what are we supposed to say these days?) so he can tell you himself. I also have a collection of images shot around the RED booth, for your viewing pleasure. Read More


Trimming in the Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 timeline

Trimming in the Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 timeline

Learn about new trimming tools in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

By Richard Harrington | May 01, 2012

The power really is in the trim for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. Read More