The ?ARRI M40? Outshines the Competition at NAB 2012

See why this light is in such high demand
Jeremiah Karpowicz

We asked John Gresch, ARRI Vice President of Lighting Products, to tell us more about the products ARRI had to show at NAB 2012 and he gave us some details about the ARRI M40. It offers more light than what you'd get from a traditional power lamp and features the ARRIMAX reflector.

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Like all members of the M-Series, the M40 unifies the advantages of a PAR light and a Fresnel fixture. Due to the unique lerns-less Max Technology, the unit is open face and thus very bright, but also focussable over a range of 18-52° HPA, casting a crisp shadow. The reflector characteristics is optimised for 4000 W lamps, but can also be used with 2500 W lamps.

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